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Animal Bingo


Animal Bingo
 Bingo Cards with Pictures

To mark out all the squares in a row on the card.

Two or more players

Requires Ahead of Time Preparation:
This is a good project for older children to prepare for the party.

Bingo cards using animal stickers or photos from magazine or Inernet instead of numbers - make each card a little different to avoid duplicate or triplicate or more winners.  (Blank Bingo card diagrams can be found on the Internet to be printed)

Prepare one set of Master Calling Cards 
(use a square of cardboard or paper and place a sticker on it).

Place the calling cards into a bowl or box. Give each child a playing card and either a paper chip or marking pen (paper chips allow you to use the bingo cards later). Have one of the children be the caller or an adult if all the children want to play. When one of the children have completed a row... have them yell "bingo", the game stops and someone checks the child's card to the Master Calling Cards and If he or she is correct... they win the game.  Play continues with a new game.



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