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​The Top Ten Paris Damask Birthday Party Ideas

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It’s like the most elaborate tea party ever. That’s what a Paris damask birthday party should look like. Intricate decorations in the popular colors of black, pink and white adorn the setting while your princes and princesses enjoy the royal treatment. Read on for some of the best ideas on creating the perfect Paris damask birthday party.


While a Paris damask party may be the frequent choice of young ladies, keep in mind that there may be plenty of gentlemen invited to the celebration as well. Let’s take a look at invitations for a few different situations:

  • These Paris damask party invitations are in keeping with the pink and black theme but are suitable for male or female guests.
  • Tailor your invitations a bit more to each prince or princess with these damask Princess invitations and matching Prince invitations.
  • As an alternative to purchasing your invitations, scoot over to clker.com and check out the large selection of free damask clip art. Let your creative side loose with borders, background designs and more as you create your own printable invitations.

Paris damask party invitationsElegant damask princess party invitationsElegant prince damask invitations

Lay the foundation with a party pack

Get the decorating task well under way in one smart move by starting with a Paris damask party pack. Use those keen crafting skills that you posses to further elaborate for a look that is “ooh la la”!

  • This basic party pack will take care of invitations as well as essential items such as plates, eating utensils and candles.
  • For a bit more of a decorating boost, grab the super deluxe Paris damask party pack. In addition to the items in the basic pack, treat bags, thank you notes and quite a few other items are included.

Paris damask basic party packParis damask super deluxe party pack

Go balloon-wild

Black and white helium balloons

While the party packs already get you started with some balloons, a few more packages (and a helper with plenty of hot air) will go a long way in making your Paris damask setting more immersive. For additional effect, use tacks and ribbon to attach these damask patterned balloons to the ceiling.

If you like the look of helium balloons floating above with tassels of curled ribbon dangling down over your head, helium can easily be purchased online in a disposable tank. Fill the balloons with helium, attach a length of ribbon and curl it with a pair of scissors.

Black damask patterned balloonsWhite damask patterned balloons

If balloons aren’t quite fancy enough...

As a more elegant alternative to balloons hanging from the ceiling, check out these damask paper lanterns. They look a bit more classy to me; like something suited for an older birthday child. Mix a package of black damask paper lanterns with some pink and white ones for a classic Paris damask look.

Black damask paper lanternsPink and white damask paper lanterns

Don’t forget the Eiffel tower

Although the Eiffel tower was originally feared as structurally unstable and declared an eyesore by plenty of Parisians, this structure has become an endearing symbol of Paris. No Paris damask party would be complete without the image of the Eiffel tower present.

Buy the Eiffel tower

Tall Eiffel tower stand up

You can get an Eiffel tower stand up centerpiece for your table or go to the extreme with a 7+ foot tall Eiffel tower for your party. These can both do double duty as party decorations and photo booth props. This means you get more for the same money spent. I like this!

Eiffel tower centerpieces on table

Eat the Eiffel tower

Another crafty (and tasty) way to incorporate the image of the Eiffel tower into your party is to pick up the icing dispenser and pipe out an edible one. Make it out of royal icing or modeling chocolate. I am sure that you already realize that a three dimensional model of the Eiffel tower is not for the faint of heart. While the effort is substantial, the wow factor may be worth it. Use an edible model of the Eiffel tower as a cake topper or table centerpiece. Smaller renditions of the Eiffel tower work well as toppers for cookies, cakes or cupcakes.

If this patience-testing challenge sounds like your cup of (french) tea, check out the splendid tutorial by sugarduchess.com.

Eiffel tower edible cake topper

Treats by the bucket

This next idea involves tasty treats in a decorative presentation that fits perfectly with the theme at hand.

  • Start with some small decorative buckets in black and pink.
  • Place an appropriate Paris damask sticker on the front of each bucket.
  • Fit a chunk of Styrofoam down in the bottom of each bucket. The foam will help treats like lollipops stand up.
  • Load your lollipops into the bucket. Press the stems of lollipops into the Styrofoam to encourage them to stay standing.
  • Trim the edges of each bucket with contrasting pink or black tulle.
  • As a finishing touch, fill in around the lollipops with some kind of smaller candy like these white Sixlets.

Buckets of lollipops in damask style

Make your water bottles damaskorriffic

While you could make or buy Paris damask water bottle wraps, there is a much easier solution. Get a few packages of small Paris damask stickers and place one on each bottle from a bulk package of water bottles that have no individual labels. It’s that simple!

Paris damask labels on water bottlesSmall Paris damask stickers

Decorative cupcakes look good and taste better

If you are interested in making cupcakes for the party, grab these Paris damask cupcake wraps and you have a decorative treat! Pink and black icing is in order here. If you did make Eiffel tower shapes from royal icing (as mentioned above), here is where you plop the mini towers on the icing and gloat with satisfaction.

Cupcakes with Paris damask wraps

Time to dress up

If your party entails a room full of young ladies who love lace, glitter and tea time, this is the perfect opportunity to have some dress up time.

  • Go to second hand stores and procure the most frilly handful of dresses you can find.
  • French berets, feather boas and windshield-sized sunglasses will add to the motif.
  • Be sure to thoroughly wash these treasures when you bring them home.
  • When little guests arrive, make these dresses available to slip on over their normal clothes.
  • With the guests adorned in these gowns afrill, host a “Paris fashion show”. This will add all the more fun and laughter to the event, especially if you can squeeze dad or a brother into one of the dresses.

Host a photo booth

After going to the trouble of getting everyone into full dress up mode, why not have a photo booth set up for guests to commemorate the event?

  • Incorporate your cardboard Eiffel tower stand up (Idea number five) in this photo booth.
  • Purchase this large picture frame prop and suspend it from the ceiling using clear fishing line.
  • Download a few free printable photo booth props that fit the theme. A larger selection of Paris damask props can be purchased for instant download here.
  • After photographing guests in their best poses, print and send them home with your “thank you” notes.

Large picture frame prop for photo boothParis photo booth props

La fin

With your party space decked out in true damask form and young guests dressed for a night on the town in Paris, you are bound to have a celebration that will be remembered for a long time to come. Have fun!


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