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Barn Animal Party


Farm Animal or Baryard Bash Party
by shopgirlaudi
(Esmeralda Cavazos)
Written Exclusively for The PartyWorks.com

Round up all your little animals for some barnyard fun.

Cut a barnyard shape from red cardstock. Cut and fold back a set of barn doors. Glue a square of white cardstock behind the red so the white shows throught the barn door. Outline the roof with a strip of black cardstock or draw one on with a thick black marker. Write party details on the inside. Decorate the outside of the barn with animal stickers.

Ask guests to come dressed in a pair of overalls.

Use Farm Animal themed party supplies from The Party Works.

Lots of animals. Stuffed, inflatable, draw on posterboards.

Hang Rubber Ducky mini pinatas.

Use red and white checked table covers.

Set out some bales of hay. Set some larger bales in a half circle (to use as seats) for your game area.

Use red and white streamers and balloons.

Hang some Western Dancing Boots or shaped mylar balloons.

Hang some Farm Animals dangling cutouts found on this site.

You solid colored partyware in red and white.

Or use Zoo Pal plates, cups and utensils. You can find these at Walmart or your grocery store.

Use red bandanas for napkins or placemats.

Use small bushel baskets to hold snacks. Use larger ones to for decoration.

Tin pails can also be used to hold plastic utensils on the table or you can pack each child's lunch in a tin pail; ready to be eaten:)

Set out some Farm Animal centerpieces. These also have a button that makes animal sounds!

Put out a wheelbarrow full of hay. You can also use plastic kiddie wheelbarrows for decorations.

Instead of party hats, make the kids paper headbands to resemble different animals. Size the child's head and make the headband. Add two pink pointy ears for a piggie, two floppy brown ears for a puppy, long pink ears for a bunny, add some yellow feathers to a yellow headband for a duckie, etc. Purchase animal noses or use face paints to complete the transformation.

You can also give the kids foam cow masks to wear. You can find these on the site as well.

2 baked 9-inch round cakes
6 cups pink frosting
2 green M&M's candies
2 pink Necco Wafers
1 1/2 pink Snowballs
2 dark brown M&M's candies
1 shoestring licorice (optional)

Layer the cakes and frost them pink. For eyes, place green M&M's candies on Necco Wafers, using the frosting as glue. Use one Snowball topped with brown M&M's candies for the snout. For ears, cut the half Snowball in half again and frost the cut edges pink. You can tie the shoestring licorice into a curlicue for the tail, if desired.

TESTER'S TIP: For littler piggies, frost and decorate cupcakes instead of the round cakes.

Or decorate a sheet cake with many of the coordinating cake toppers found on this site. You can also use farm animal shaped candles on your cake.

Or use the Tractor Cake Pan to make a tractor cake.

The Three Dimensional House Cake Pan will enalbe you to make many different cakes including a barn.

Use the Animal Crackers Cake Pan to make an animal cake.

Make cupcakes, frost and top with any of the edible hard sugar decorations found on this site.

Food and Snacks:
Serve chicken nuggets, pigs in a blanket, fried chicken and corn on the cob.

"Chicken Feed"- Chex mix in a plastic pail. Use shovel to serve.

Potato stix or french fries make good hay.

Serve blue kool-aid or blue Hawiian Puch. Float some small rubber duckies in it for a duck pond.

Use a duck shaped cookie cutter to make duck shaped sugar cookies. You can let the kids frost and decorate them as an activity. Use yellow royal icing to frost and add a mini M&M for an eye.

Goodie Bags and Favors:
Use a red bandana. Fill with plastic farm animals, toy trucks or tractors, stickers, little rubber duckies, plastic eggs with small toys or trinkets inside, cow tales(candy). Or use a tin pail instead to hold the goodies.

Small animal farm sets could serve as prizes, or a farmer's hat, or turn a farmer's (cowboy hat) upside down and use that to hold all the party goodies.

Games and Activities:
Prizes in a Haystack. Hide treats in the hay and give each child an alloted amount of time to search for small prizes, candy, toys and trinkets.

Chiken Egg Hunt. Use plastic Easter eggs and fill with candy, stickers, tatoos, etc. Hide the eggs before hand and let the kids hunt for the "chicken eggs".

Have a duck pond game. Use a large tub or container to hold water. Use rubber ducks or plastic weighted ducks to float in the water. Mark the bottom of the ducks with either a color or number. Kids take turns picking a duck and win prize from prize group corresponding with their number or color.

Play Barnyard Bingo. Make your own bingo cards buy cutting large squares from cardstock. Draw a grid with nine squares. Put a star sticker in the middle for a free space. Use farm animal stickers from a set of eight different animals to fill in the remaining squares. Be sure to include a mixture of animals on each card. Have kids mark their cards with large foam beads or buttons or egg shaped chocolate candies you can find around Easter time. Call out an animal noise and kids must match with corresponding sticker. Play to cover entire card or just a row. First one to fill wins. Play several games or until every child wins.

Have wheelbarrow races. Use two child sized plastic wheelbarrows. Have kids push a wagon full of stuffed animal from the start to finish line without dropping anyone. First one to the finish line wins.

Find the Lost Animals. Set up an area to be the barn. Decorate a large refrigerator box to resemble a barn or rope off a small area using dowels stuck into the ground and rope. Hide stuffed animals around the party area. Let kids search for the lost animals and bring them back to the "barn".

Use Farm Animals Kandy Klay Activity Kits for the kids to make their own edible farm animals.

Rubber Ducky mini pinata. Use Farm Animal cello bags for the kids to put all their pinata goodies into.


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