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Been There, Done That!


Been There, Done That!
... good fun for the new "grandmothers" that have no longer have baby items at their house. Saves parents from having to pack half their house when they go to visit Grandma and Grandpa!
Children can host a surprise shower for their mom, and won't she be surprised!!!!  
Relatives and close friends will love attending and showering the new grandma with a crib, high chair, play pen, bibs, bottles, clothing, blankets, rattles, etc.

...just for group fun and a reason to have a party... If you've been in a church group, club or organization for many years, why not suggest everyone get together and throw a shower for "themselves"? Vote on a dollar limit to avoid financial problems for those on a budget or retirement income. Ask everyone to write their name on a piece of paper and what gift ideas they'd like, fold and put in a bowl. Then ask everyone to draw a name (put it back if you draw your own name) -- that's the person who you'll buy the gift for. Pick a date for a potluck!

No Way, Jose!
... payback as well as a fun reason for a party -- and make it a Surprise!
If your group of friends are all married except for one girlfriend -- and she has brought gifts to all your bridal and baby showers, then turn-around is fair play. Definitely, this should be a surprise. Set the date and show up at her place ready to have a Single Lady Shower. Ensure ahead of time she will be home and that everything is picked up and cleaned (or she will be very embarrassed). Give gifts for her personally, her house, garden, pets will be appreciated and she'll love you forever!


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