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Blues Clues


Blues Clues
by shopgirlaudi
(Esmeralda Cavazos)
Written Exclusively for The PartyWorks.com

Come on over to Blue's house!

Order Blues Clues Invitations or make your own.

Make a paw print and write your party details.

Make a cut out of a mailbox. Fold a piece of cardstock in half length wise. Draw mailbox shape with the top of the mailbox along the fold. Open mailbox and write your party info. Stamp a paw print for Blue's signature.

Use different shades of blue. Balloons, streamers, partyware or use Blue's Clues party ware.

Use plastic dog dishes for serving bowls.

Use a red plastic pail with yellow shovel (Shovel and Pail) to hold and scoop out snacks or use additional red pails to hold plastic utensils.

If budget allows, buy an inflatable Thinking Chair at Toy's R Us, Target or Walmart. Take pictures of the kids on the chair and give out as favors or send them in your thank you cards.

Make paw prints out of blue cardstock or construction paper. Make a trail up your drive way or leading to your front door.

Use small tin mailboxes with a cluster of balloons tied to them for centerpieces.


Make a paw print cake. Bake a round cake and four cupcakes. Frost them blue. Arrange in a paw print shape.

or, use the Blues Clues cake pan and follow the directions that come with it.

Food and Snacks:
Blue Kool-Aid or Hawiian Punch.

Blue tortilla chips.

Blue's Clues macaroni and cheese.

Blue jello cups.

"Puppy Chow" served in a doggie dish. Use any type of snack mix or make up your own. I have seen some Scooby Snack cookies at Walmart in the shape of bones.Serve these in the doggie dishes.

Goodie Bags and Prizes:
Use a red plastic pail with yellow shovel. Put in a pack of Blue's Clues fruit snacks. Blue's Clues sticker or party favors, a Handy Dandy notebook, mini cans of blue playdoh, puppy cookie cutter, a blue bouncy or foam ball, a blue punching balloon, blue Charm's pops, blule bubble gum, etc.

For prizes, a Blue bean bag, Handy Dandy notebook, a Blue's Clue's book or video, Blue's Clues pencils, etc.

Games and Activities:
Ball toss. Toss blue balls into a red plastic pail or toss doggie toys into a large basket.

Pass Slippery Soap. Pass a bar of soap in this Blue's Clues version of hot potato. Or use a small tin mailbox.

Buy a cardboard coloring house ($10 at Walmart) and let the kid's color Steve/Joe's house.

Make puppy headbands. Make a headband using blue posterboard. Fit and cut to child's head. Cut out big floppy ears from blue construction paper and tape, glue, or staple to sides of headband. Let kids write their names on the headband or decorate with Blue's Clues stickers.

Play Blue's Clues. Put clues on objects to lead them to a specific destination where they find a certain goodie or prize like a Handy Andy notebook or a pack of Blue's Clues fruit snacks. Print out "You Just Figured Out Blue's Clues" certificates to hand out at the end of the "search". Give out a small box of crayons so kids can color their certificates.

Print some Blue's Clues coloring pages. Buy small boxes of crayons for kids to use and keep as a favor.

Let kids make their own Handy Dandy notebooks. Have precut squares of cardstock with holes punched along the top of the "pages". Use pipe cleaner to attach the pages together and make the spiral part of the notebook. Give out small boxes of crayons with this activity. Print or make your own picture of Thinking Chair to glue onto cover.


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