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Bucket Brigade




This game is absolutely great for
summer parties using little kid wading pools.


You'll need:
2 small wading pools
2 buckets
2 water hoses

Team Set-up:
Divide children into two teams.

How to play:

The wading pools start out empty. 

Select one member from each team to stand in the middle of their team wading pool with a thin string tied just above his or her ankle. 

At the signal, the remaining team members have to fill their buckets and then run (if there are only two players) or pass (if there are more than two) the buckets to their team pool where the water is dumped around the players' feet.

The first team to get the water level of the team wading pool above the string line on the player's ankle wins and everyone gets to join him or her in the pool!

Be prepared to play this game again and again
with a different player in the middle of the wading pool,
an especially fun on very hot days.

This game works very well with just two players because the activity is fun and the rewards are cooling and splashing in the wading pool.




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