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Bug Party


Bug Party
by shopgirlaudi
(Esmeralda Cavazos)
Copyright August 2, 2004
Written Exclusively for ThePartyWorks.com

While adults may not be fussy about the idea of a bunch of creep crawly bugs at a party, the kids will love it!

Make or buy your own invitations. Use cardstock to trace a bug shape onto. Cut out and write your information.
Come join (name) on a bug hunt on (date) at (time).
Come with the us to explore the bug world.

Any colors can be used for this theme. Green and yellow work well or red and black for ladybugs.

Use solid color party ware or go for bug themed.

Hang paper lanters to represent bug laterns.

Use Halloween web and add some plastic spiders.

Make and hang paper butterflies and dragon flies. Or buy those fabric garden decorations at the dollar store.

Use small plastic bugs and spiders for table confetti.

Make bug jar centerpieces. Use a clear jar with a lid. Punch holes in the lid. Decorate the outside of the jar with bug stickers or glue small plastic bugs to the inside of the jar.

Make paper machie bee hives. Paint and decorate. Add some pipe cleaner bees to the hives. Hang.

Make a lady bug or bettle cake. Bake a round cake. Can also be double layered. Decorate to look like a lady bug or bettle. Use long pieces
of licorice for antennas and shorter ones for the legs. For a lady bug, use flattened black gum drops for the spots.
Make a dirt and worms cake. Bake a sheet cake and frost with chocolate icing. Crush Oreo cookies in a ziplock bag and add to top of entire cake.
Add gummi worms partially buried into the "mud and dirt".
Make individual servings using mud and dirt cupcakes. Top with a gummi worm.

Food and Snacks:
Make a caterpillar sub sandwich. Use olives for eyes and carrot sticks for feet.

Make "worms". Cut hot dogs into slivers lengthwise. Boil. This will make them curl up. Serve.

"Ants on a log"- celery sticks with peanut butter and raisins on top.

"Bug Juice"- any drink you would like to serve.

Caterpillars - puffed Cheetos.

Goodie Bags and Prizes:
Use those plastic bug jar kits from the dollar store to hold all favors. Put in some plastic bugs, a mini butterfly net, a magnifying glass.

For prizes gives out plastic bugs, a bug journal, additonal bug kits, a play latern, bug stickers, bug shaped erasers.

Games and Activities:
Do a bean bag toss using large plastic bugs. Toss into a bucket. Or set up several pails and appoint a value amount to the different pails. Highest score wins.

Go on a bug scavenger hunt. Hide plastic bugs in a designated area. Let kids search and keep what they find.

Make spiders or caterpillars using egg cartons and pipe cleaner. For the spider, cut out individual egg compartments, paint black and insert black pipe cleaner for legs. Add on some googly eyes. For the caterpillar, use a row of compartments. Paint. Use pipe cleaner for legs. Add some googly eyes to complete your project.

Make butterflies with clothes pins and coffee filters. Take the coffee filter and scruching down the middle clip on the pin so that the sides of it fan out on either side. Decorate. Color in the wings. Add antennas. Use sequins to decorate the wings.

Make bug headbands using posterboard. Measure the band to child's head and cut. Staple, glue or tape. Use pipe cleaners and small styrofoam balls to make antennas. Tape onto the headband.

Play a bug version of duck, duck, goose. Try spider, spider, fly. Spider has to try to catch the fly before he sits down again.

Play "caterpillar limbo" using a pool noodle. Decorate to look more like a caterpillar if you like, by adding some antennas and a silly grin.


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