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Building Materials



Bread Sticks

Logs, rafters and beams

Candy Canes

Pillars, beams, fence posts. light posts

M&M Candies

Tree decorations, Christmas lights

Cheerio Cereal

Chains, tiles, small wheels, flat types for shingles

Fruit Loops Cereal

Christmas chains

Chocolate Candy Bars

Doors, shutters, shingles

Cinnamon Candies

Red roofing tiles, paving stones, flowers

Hershey Candy Kisses wrapped in foil

Church bell, roof decorations

Candy Flowers Cake Decorations

Garden flowers

White Frosting & Icing

Snow, flowers

Colored Frosting & Icing

Mortar, siding, flowers

Fruit Leathers

Window shades, fabric


Bushes, flowers, ornaments

Hard Christmas Candies

Melted for stained glass windows, mirrors, ponds

Hard Christmas Candies

Crushed for colored gravel

Ice Cream Cones



Railings, edgings, exposed beams, fireplace bricks

Licorice Ropes

Rope, edging, window pane dividers


Road signs, people, trees, bushes


Snowballs for snow forts, snowmen

Marzipan or Fondant

Use to make any shapes you want

Nuts, Whole


Nuts, Slivered Almonds


Powdered Sugar

Light dusting for snow or frost

Brown Sugar

Dirt walkways, garden beds


Fancy ironwork fences, scrollwork

Pretzel Sticks

Logs, winter trees, firewood

Rock Candy

Rocks, stepping stones, stone walls

Round Crackers or Cookies

Wagon wheels, doors, picnic table tops

Shredded Wheat Cereal

Roof thatching, hay

Silver Dragees for Cake Decorations

Doorknobs, ornaments

Colored Sprinkles

Flowers, Christmas lights, ornaments

Wafer Cookies, Crackers or Candies

Roof shingles, siding

Graham Crackers

Roof shingles, siding




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