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Cookie Cutters

  1. Use metal cookie cutter for a mold to make novelty candles (baby showers, holiday gifts, party favors) to make candles. You'll need: wax for melting; colorant; scent; wick; plastic plate. For these candle making supplies, check with your local craft store. Directions: Melt the wax following directions (add colorant and scent too). Pour just a little melted wax onto a heavy plastic plate. Allow the wax set just slightly, put cutter into the wax to create a seal that will prevent the remaining wax from seeping under the cutter. Add the wick and pour the wax till it almost fills the cutter. Allow to set up and remove candle from cookie cutter.
  2. Pour warm scented wax onto a lined baking sheet and cut out shapes. Place wick in center of cut-out wax shape, cover with second cut-out using warm wax to glue. These also can be used to attach to your ribbon/bows on a gift. 
  3. Make candle holders.. These can be made with clay that has to be fired, but would work with an air drying clay, too. Roll a slab of clay out so it is slightly bigger than you want your candleholder to be and about 1/4 inch thick. Cut into the shape you desire. From about halfway up, cut out designs using cutters--the smaller the better. Remove the clay that the cutter cuts out. Take slab and drape over a cardboard box so that the corner of the box creases the halfway point. Allow to dry (or fire if using a clay that needs firing). Paint or glaze. When finished, it will sit on its lower part and the top part with the cut outs becomes the "window" for the candlelight to shine through.
  4. Make floating candles out of the cookie cutters. I roll out some play clay and push in the cookie cutter. Then I push in the tip of the wick in to the clay. Pour in the wax and pop in the fridge. Thanks for all your 218 uses for cookie cutters.
    Twila, Crafts On A Budget - http://www.geocities.com/twilagail 


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