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Candy Cane Soap



1/2 lb. opaque melt & pour soap base
1 tsp. Stearic acid
Red food coloring
Candy Cane fragrance oil
Candy cane cookie cutters**
Wax paper lined pan or tray

Suggestion: You could also use the Wilton mini cake pan candy cane mold.

Melt the soap base and Stearic acid seperately. Combine them when they are both liquefied. Whisk well. Add the fragrance oil and pour into a wax paper lined pan or tray. Take a bit of red coloring (just a bit on the tip of the toothpick) and swirl into the soap until it is marblized. When it is firm enough, take cookie cutter and cut out candy cane shapes. These are great for Christmas!!!


SOAPSICLES (for kids) (Food coloring contest too)

8 oz. Unscented, Clear Glycerine Soap
1/4 teaspoon each Cherry, Lime, Grape and Orange Fragrance Oil
Red, Orange, Green and Blue Food Coloring
Popsicle molds (available in grocery stores, drug stores and places like Target, K-Mart and Wal-Mart)
Popsicle sticks (available at most craft stores - called craft sticks)
Piece of cardboard (the kind they use in shirts is fine)
Paper clips

Cut pieces of the cardboard a bit larger but the same shape as the Popsicle mold (round or oblong) and cut a slit in the middle (for the stick). Now divide soap into 4 equal parts (2 oz each), melt one at a time in a small pan over low heat or in a glass cup in the microwave. Add cherry fragrance oil and 2 drops of red food coloring. Stir gently and pour into Popsicle molds. Take one of the cardboard pieces you cut and put a stick thru it, using the paper clip so that the stick stops at the cardboard and doesn't fall all the way thru. Make the rest of the soapsicles in Orange, Lime and Grape (using 1 drop of red and 1 drop of blue food coloring) or make all the same 'Flavor', using 1 teaspoon of your favorite fragrance oil 'flavor' and 8-10 drops of coordinating food coloring. Put molds in freezer, when frozen remove from molds. Store in cellophane candy bags with a ribbon or a twist tie. Be sure these are marked NOT EDIBLE !!


SOAP CRAYONS (for kids)

1 cup soap flakes
1/4 cup boiling water
Food coloring
Ice cube tray

Drop the water into the flakes, one teaspoon at a time, stirring constantly. It will be thick and hard to stir. Spoon some of the soap into different bowls and color each with the food coloring until it has the consistency of thick paste. Press spoonfuls into the ice cube trays and microwave on lowfor 15 minutes to dry the crayons out. Let them dry at room temperature for several days and give it another day after unmolding. The kids will love these!!



6 oz. unscented white soap, grated
1/4 tsp. Candy Cane Fragrance Oil
1/2 tsp. Ultra Fine Fabric Glitter
1/2 cup Water or Milk

Bring water to a boil and add soap and reduce heat. Mash and stir soap until water disappears and mixture becomes a sticky mass (about 5 minutes). Remove from heat. Stir in fragrance oil and glitter until well blended. Reserve a little glitter for later. When soap is cool enough to handle, divide in half and form into balls with your hands. Sprinkle reserved glitter on the surface of the balls and continue to shape into snowball like soaps. Allow to air dry at least 12 hours. Wrap individually in cellophane and tie with ribbon and a bow.



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