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Care Bears


Care Bears
by shopgirlaudi
(Esmeralda Cavazos)
Written Exclusively for The PartyWorks.com

Buy character invites at The Party Works.

Or make your own. Add some Care Bear stickers or clip art.

Make in the shape of a heart, flower, sun; any of the symbols on the bear's tummies.

Or make into the shape of a bear. Use a cookie cutter to trace the shape onto your paper. Use different colors of cardstock to make the different bears. Write the party details on the bear's tummies.

Come join us in Care A Lot.

Ask guests to come dressed in the color of their favorite Care Bear. Make cutouts of the different Care Bear symbols. When the guests arrive pin one on each child's tummy.

Make a balloon arch. Directions on line.

Tape streamers to the edge of a hula hoop alternating the colors of the rainbow. Hang.

Use lots of balloons, streamers, tablecovers in all colors. You can mix up the colors of the party ware. Use blue plates, red cups, etc.

Serve snacks out of colorful plastic pails.

Or buy Care Bear character party supplies from The Party Works.

Use rainbow colored streamers.

Hang crepe paper in doorways alternating the colors to look like a rainbow door curtain.

Use a large shaped mylar balloons. A heart, a half moon, a sun, a rainbow, etc.

Use heart shaped balloons. You can find these during and right after Valetines Day.

Tie a cluster of balloons to a stuffed Care Bear.

Look for St. Patrick's Day decorations and hang a shamrock garland for Good Luck bear or some large shamrock cut outs. Use a green leprachaun hat turned upside down to hold snacks.

Hang nylon butterflies.

You can also use a tin pail and put a piece of styrofoam in the bottom. Insert articial flower stems or big heart shaped lollipops to make a centerpiece. Fill the tin with shreddy paper to cover up the styrofoam.

Hang cutouts of stars, flowers, hearts, moons, clouds, etc. from the ceiling using fishing line.

Hang a rainbow pinata. You could also use a sun, or a flower or a heart shaped pinata.

Enlarge character pics or use posters for decorations.

Use a Color Your Own Catle for the Care Bear's Castle.

Cake or Cupcakes:
Decorate a sheet cake with a Care Bears cake topper or Care Bear toy figures.

Make a rainbow cake. Bake a bundt cake the cut it in half to make two half circles. Take the two halves and put the flat sides together. Stand them up to make your
rainbow cake. Decorate with colored rolled fondant or use icing.

Make individual teddy cakes or mini stand up bear cakes using the pans available at The Party Works. You can decorate them differently to represent all the different
Care Bears.

Bake cupcakes. Frost with pink or white icing and top with rainbow sprinkles.

Serve rainbow sherbet along with your cake or cupcakes.

Food and Snacks:
Sandwiches cut into teddy bear shapes using a bear shaped cookie cutter.

Teddy grahams.

Rainbow Gold Fish crackers.

Fruit tray. Arrange the fruit on the platter in the shape of a rainbow using different fruits. You can use strawberries for red, cantelope balls for orange, honeydew melon balls for green, purple grapes for purple, etc.

You can also make Rainbow Fruit Cups and top them with a "cloud" of whipped topping.

Make Rice Krispy Treats using Fruity Pebbles. You can also use the teddy bear shaped pans found here on the site to make bear shaped rice crispy treats:)

Rainbow punch. Freeze colored fruit juice in ice cube trays to float in cups of Sprite. When the cubes melt, it will color the drink.

Goodie Bags and Prizes:
Care Bear stickers.

Care Bear coloring/activity book.

A small box of crayons.

A snack sized bag of Skittles.

A snack size bag of gummi bears.

A small bag of Teddy Grahams.

A Care Bear bean bag.

Character party favors.

Heart shaped lollipops.


Use solid colored paper sacks in primary colors for your favor bags. Or use Care Bear character favor bags.

Games and Activites:
Make Care Bear ear headbands. Attach a pair of felt ears using to a headband using
fabric or tacky glue.

Cloud Hopping
Make cutouts of clouds out of white fun foam or cardstock. Draw on the Care Bear symbols onto the clouds. A heart, a rainbow, a flower, a moon, a sun,
etc. Have enough so that each child will have one to stand one. Played like musical chairs. When the music starts the children begin to walk to the right, stepping on
the clouds. When the music stops, everyone must be standing on a cloud. From a hat, bowl, etc., draw a premade card with the different symbols on them. Whoever is
standing on this symbol wins. That person then collects their prize and leaves the game. Play until everyone wins.

Pin the symbol on the Care Bear's tummy.
Chose a specific bear and make copies of the tummy symbol or make the cut out of a Care Bear and make all the symbols different so that each child can keep track of their own. You may want to use Birthday Bear to keep with the birthday theme and make lots of little cupcake "symbols".

Rainbow Bean Bag Toss.
Make cards cutting an index card in half. Use a crayon or marker to color in a square shape on the card; one color per card. You will use these to draw from.
Make or buy star shaped bean bags. You can make your own by cutting star shapes out of felt. Glue together with fabric glue and fill with beans or dry rice. Close up the top using more fabric glue. If you can sew, you can sew these instead. Use colored plastic pails in the colors of the rainbow (red, blue, green, orange, purple, yellow).
Have each child draw a card. This then determines which pail they have to attempt to get their bean bags into.

Care Bear Bingo.
You can print blank cards off of dtlk.com. Instead of BINGO, write BEARS. Use Care Bears stickers to use on the blank spaces and to make your calling card. Use Skittle candies for the place markers.

Watch a Care Bear movie.


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