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Center Piece


Centerpiece Ideas for Food & Gift Tables


THE "Rattle Tree"
Based on the "money tree" idea used for 25th & 50th anniversary parties.
This makes an excellent center piece and a very handy thing for Mom to take home.

Select a branch from a tree that is at least a 1/4" stalk but no bigger than 3/4" and has several other branches/limbs coming off from it so the shape looks like a little bare tree. These bare trees can be purchased at craft stores.

Place the 'trunk' of the tree in a pot with dirt or attach it to thick Styrofoam ensuring it is weighted down and won't fall over.

Tie little yellow ribbons onto the branches -- all ready for the guests to add their decoration.

In the invitation, request each person to bring one small 'unwrapped' item to hang on the tree and think about including a list of sample "small" items but letting them know they are only suggestions. Also suggest that the items can't be too big or too heavy. Suggested items can include teething ring, pacifier, rattle, diaper pins, roll of film, nail clippers, baby spoon and/or fork, bib, small soft toys, small baby bottle, baby comb, baby brush, etc.



Purchase a supply of baby care products (lotion, shampoo, diapers, diaper rash ointment, wipes, wipes refills, etc) and place them in the center of each table at the shower, tie a bunch of yellow and blue balloons to each grouping of baby products which acts as the weights for the balloons so they didn't float away. The mommy-to-be will be all stocked up when baby arrives



Float a rubber duckie in a glass pedestal bowl filled with California Crystals which look like bubbles. A drop of blue food coloring adds zing. Attach a balloon for height. Surround the base with yellow curling ribbon frills. (California Crystals are found at candle stores or wedding supply stores, and often used for floating candle arrangements. If you can't find them, water with a drop of blue food coloring will work, too)

Fill a baby bathtub with ducky-themed gifts, use white netting on the inside in between the items to soften the look and fill in gaps. If desired, cover with shrink wrap for a professional look. Top with yellow curling ribbon.


Use baby bottles as vases and fill them with yellow and white daisies. Add a teensy drop of blue food coloring to the water to create a very sweet effect.


Baby Socks Centerpiece (see our baby shower plan)






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