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Copy Cat


Copy Cat

Kids love to copy one another, so this is an indoor game that is quiet, except for the giggling. The object is to imitate an increasing number of body movements. Here's how to play: All of the kids sit in a circle so they can see each other. The starting player makes one body movement, the second player does that movement and adds another one. The third player must copy the first two movements, adding one more. The play continues around the circle until a player can't remember all of the moves or makes an incorrect move -- then that player is out of the game.

Other Options: Words; animal sounds; alphabet (a word for A, second player says the A word, then adds a word starting with B, etc.). If you don't want a game that eliminates players, start a story and then each child asdds one line --- if it's a birthday party, the story can be about the birthday child, or if it's Halloween, for example, start a ghost story.


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