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Covering Large Round Cakes with Fondant


Frosting Cakes
Basic Decorating Technique



Large Rounds Cakes
Rolled Fondant


In most cases, the smaller your cake, the easier it will be to cover with rolled fondant. However, there is an easy way to position and smooth fondant on cakes that are 12 in. diameter or larger. Follow the steps below to lift fondant onto the cake without tearing.

1. Cover cake lightly with buttercream icing. Roll out fondant sized to your cake.

step 1

2. Slide a large cake circle that has been dusted with confectioners' sugar under the rolled fondant. Lift the circle and the fondant and position over cake. Gently shake the circle to slide the fondant off the board and into position on the cake. Smooth and trim as described above.

step 2


Round cakes are easy to cover with fondant. But what about other geometric shaped cakes?

On squares or hearts
Pull the corner flaps gently out and downward, then smooth to avoid creases.

On petals
Smooth fondant downward in petal divisions for complete coverage.

On Novelty Shaped Cakes
Shaped cakes 
look great covered in fondant!



Ready-to-Use White Fondant
(can be tinted to any colors or used as white)
Variation for coloring white fondant:  Decorate with Edible Brush On Paints.

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Ready-to-Use Already Colored Fondant:
Neon Colors, Pastel Colors, Primary Colors

Rolled Fondant<br>NEON COLORS<br>Ready-To-Use (17.6 oz.)    Rolled Fondant<br>PASTEL COLORS<br>Ready-To-Use (17.6 oz.)    Rolled Fondant<br>PRIMARY COLORS<br>Ready-To-Use (17.6 oz.)
Celebrate with Fondant
This book is filled with exciting, colorful cakes for children's birthdays, family birthdays, bridal and baby showers, weddings and more.  Photos of finished cakes, instructions and there is a step-by-step technique section. 

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