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Dinosaur Party Plan


Games and Activities

1. Download a Dinosaur: Dino's to make from paper.

2. All about Dinos: Check out their Print-Outs, Dino's to Color and word games.

3. Fossil Dig:
Need dog bone treats. Bury these in a sand box or other designated area. Have the kids dig for dino bones. OR use real bones. Save bones and boil them for 1/2 to 1 hour to get all the meat off. After boiling, bake them for another hour or so. Cool and spray with primer and white paint.

4. Dinosaur Hunt:
Draw a large dinosaur, cut into several pieces (like a puzzle). Hide these pieces around and let the kids find them. Have them restructure the dino.

5. Hatch the Dino Egg:
Need balloons for each team, one per child. Mini dinosaur toys or stickers. Place one in each balloon before blowing up and tying off.
Play: Have each team line up. The first in line gets to hatch their "dino egg" by sitting on the balloon. They need to try to break the balloon before the next one in line gets a chance. When they break their "egg" they keep the prize. First team finished wins.

6. Bone Drop
Need doggy bone treats. Jar or container.
Play: Have the kids drop the bones into the container while standing straight. Give them 5-10 bones each. The one with the most in wins.

7. Dinosaur Charades
Put dino names on paper slips and have the kids pick them out of a basket. The kids can act out their dinosaur and let the others guess who they are.

More activities suggested by a reader:

8. Dino Egg Hunt
Use plastic Easter eggs. Fill with "Primordial Ooze*," dino toys, candies, etc. Have them hunt for the eggs. You could also hunt for chalk eggs.
(*recipe: need-white glue, water, borax
2 oz white glue
2 oz water
Put both the glue and water in cup and mix up.
Mix together 1 1/2 teaspoons borax per each 1/2 cup water.
Add 2 oz of this mix to glue/water mix. Stir, it will instantly began to cling together).

9. Volcano's:
Make a mound of sand around a Dixie cup. Put in some baking soda. Pour in vinegar to watch it gurgle up. Add food coloring to vinegar before hand if you want it colored.

10. Dino Decos:
Cut out dinosaur shapes from construction paper. Let the kids decorate them with lace, glitter, dyed macaroni and rice, felt pens, etc.

11. Dino Egg Discovery:
Purchase small plastic dinosaurs and make homemade playdough. Cover the dino's with the playdough so they are in an "egg." Bake. Let the kids break them apart with supervision.

12. Triceratops Toss: Draw the front face of a Triceratops on a large poster board. Where the horns should be put in 3 dowels. Let the kids toss embroidery hoops onto the horns.


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