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Easter Daffodil Cake


Buy a ready-made Angel Food Cake from the bakery or grocery store or bake your own favorite recipe.  Add the already-made edible colorful Hard Sugar Decorations ad your cake will be oh so easy to create. 

Directions are below the cake photo.

Chicks Little<br>4 Edible Hard<br>Sugar Decorations

Easter Mini Assortment<br>12 Edible Hard<br>Sugar Decorations

Eggs Speckled<br>12 Edible Hard<br>Sugar Decorations

Flowers - Daffodils<br>12 Edible Hard<br>Sugar Decorations

Flowers - Lillies<br>15 Edible Hard<br>Sugar Decorations 

Lambs<br>6 Edible Hard<br>Sugar Decorations

Ice an angel food cake with pale yellow icing. (Tip: After taking the angel food cake out of the pan, let it sit and air dry for about an hour before attempting to ice it. The icing will adhere to the cake much easier.) Mix icing with Lucks Liquid Color Green #10162 and use a plain round tip, pipe green stems up the side of the cake, then with a leaf tube, pipe leaves up the side of the cake. Color coconut with Lucks Liquid Color Green also. Pipe an area for your coconut. Top your coconut with a few Jelly Beans #42152. And finish with an inscription and border colored with Lucks Liquid Lavender #10163 with a drop of Lucks Soft-Gel Violet #38162.



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