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Elmo Party


Elmo Party
By shopgirlaudi

Elmo Party

Buy or make your own.

Cut an oval shape out of red cardstock. Cut a circle out of orange cardstock for the nose. Glue the orange nose to the red oval "face". Glue on a pair of googly eyes. Write your party information on the back.

Use red and orange streamers and balloons.

Use the same colors for your partyware or use Elmo party ware.

You can use white paper tablecovers and set out small boxes of crayons for the children to add their drawings to.

Use any stuffed or plastic Elmo toys you have as centerpieces.

Bake a round cake. Tint white frosting red using food coloring. Flaten an orange slice for the nose and two black gumdrops for the eyes. Cut a mouth from fruit leather.

Bake cupcakes. Tint white frosting red using food coloring. Top with rainbow sprinkles.

Food and Snacks:
Set out small juice boxes of Elmo Fruit Punch (grocery store) or serve red Hawiian Punch.

Goldfish crackers.

Make Rainbow Fruit Kabobs using different colors of fruit. Use orange cantelope, yellow pineapple chunks, red strawberries, purple grapes, etc.

Make duck or fish shaped cookies using a cookie cutter to make the shapes.

If serving a meal, try fish shaped fish nuggets. Or serve pizza (Elmo's favorite food).

Goodie Bags and Prizes:
Fill a red plastic pail with Elmo stickers, a small Elmo figure or bean bag, mini cans of red and orange playdoh along with a fish and duck shaped cookie cutter, small box of crayons, small pack of Goldfish crackers, gummi fish.

For prizes use wooden abc blocks, magnetic abc's or numbers, foam letters and numbers, large boxes of crayons, Elmo coloring books or books, foam abc or number puzzles.

Games and Activities:
Pin the nose on Elmo. Find a pic online and print to poster size or draw your own on posterboard. Cut orange circles for noses out of orange fun foam or cardstock. Write each child's name on their noses before they pin.

Attach an Elmo decorated paper plate to a wooden paint stirrer. Blow up some red balloons and let the kids work together to try to keep the balloon from touching the ground.

Play a game of Elmo says (Simon Says).

Play the duck pond game (like in the Rubber Ducky theme).

Play Mr. Noodles's Limbo. Use a foam pool noodle for kids to go under in this silly version.

Read the book, "Elmo Shake a Leg" and let the kids act out the story.

String multicolored foam beads(Walmart) or use Froot Loops and Cheerios. Use yarn to string your cereal on.

Have an Alphabet Hunt. Use a large foam ABC puzzle. Hide parts of the puzzle for kids to find and bring back to put the big puzzle back together. Prizes for this game could be small ABC foam puzzles (Dollar Tree).

Print Elmo coloring pages and have the kids color using their small boxes of crayons.

Since this theme is more appealing to the preschool crowd, providing children with free play centers is a good idea.

Playdoh center. Set up an area with mini cans of playdoh, a large assortment of cookie cutters, rolling pins, etc. Use large cookie sheets and magnetic letters, numbers and geometric shapes. Let kids attach the magnets to the cookie sheets.

Tape large sheets of butcher paper to the table and let the kids color.



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