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Fire House Party


Fire House Party

Use the theme of
Firemen, Firewomen or Fire Fighters
to make your party location
a Fire House of Activities.  


Make fire engine shaped cut outs from red construction paper, draw a fire engine, send photo of the birthday child sitting on a fire engine or find a photo of a fire truck on the Internet to use.  Another option is creating or find a photo of a yellow ladder (add details between the rungs).  Add party details to include:  Name of birthday child, date, time, location.  Ask the kids to wear red.

Color Theme
Red & Yellow partygoods, streamers and balloons.... lots of balloons to make the party festive!  Write fire fighting or Smokey the Bear messages on the balloons after they are inflated with helium -- give one or two to each guest when they leave the party.

Special Guest(s)
Ask a local fireman or firewoman to come to the party dressed up in their fire fighters outfit.  If possible, perhaps the firemen can arrive at the party with their fire truck.  Another option is to visit your local fire station (be sure to make arrangements ahead of time).

Table Decorations
Use a large toy fire engine and add candy (if room to do so).  Add helium-filled balloons (paw prints designs, too) and decorate in reds and yellows.  Another idea is to use a large stuffed Dalmatian dog toy.

Party Favor Bags
Inexpensive notepads (add firemen or 102 Dalmatian stickers to the cover)

Red pencils

Small fire engine toys
Fire Fighter plastic hats
Fire Chief Plastic Hat<br>Child Size<br>Party Favor

Actually any small useful inexpensive items found at a discounted store.  There are fire fighter party favors that can be found at http://thepartyworks.com/advanced_search_result.php/inc_subcat/1/search_in_description/1/keywords/fire/sort/3a/page/1

Entrance to the Party, Front Door Decorations or Floor Decorations
Dog Paw prints -- draw and cut from white construction paper, then add black colored irregular spots (like a Dalmatian dog).

Games & Activities

Relay Games
are the most fun for the hostess... helps the kids use their energy.  Suggest outside locations, such as a backyard or a park... maybe in front of the local Fire Station and if the firemen/firewomen are not busy, they may be players, too.  Ideas includes rescues of stuffed animals, dolls, toys.  Divide children into teams, tell them to look for items to rescue that are hidden (tell them the boundaries of where they will find the toys).  First team back with ____ items are the winners.

Firemans Luggage
Prior to the party, arrange clothing in two piles (same clothes for each pile) at the end of the room or outside location.  Includes red, white and black items, such as a pair of pants, boots, hat, shirt, socks, etc.  Divide the children into two teams and the first person of each team starts the race when the hostess says GO.  Each child runs down to the pile of clothes and puts them all on, then races back to his team where he or she takes off the cosume clothes and the next child has to dress in them... then takes them off and the next child puts them on.  The first team to dress in these costume clothes items and take them off is the winner.  Suggestion is to use only 3 or 4 items.  Be ready with your camera and have the kids and adults shout and cheer them on.

Put Out A Fire
Outside locations only.
Prior to the party, draw a house on fire on a large cardboard or heavy cardstock paper.  Add some features, Provide the kids with squirt guns filled with water.  There is no contest, just allow the kids to squirt their water guns aimed at the fire until their water runs out.  If summertime, they can squirt each other.  

Foods & Cake
BBQ (fire pit) and let the kids roast their own hot dogs.  Provide hot dog buns, mustard, ketchup, relish, chips, salad.  Simple and easy menu.  Or grill the hot dogs letting the kids make their own. 


Fire Fighters Papergoods Designs:

 Fireman<br>8 Dinner PlatesFireman & Dalmatian


Fireman Firefighter<br>Shirt Shapped Dinner Plates<br>9 inch<br>8 Per PackageFire Fighters


Fire Fighters Cake & Cupcake Decorations

Fireman Cakes<br>Fire Department<br>Edible Do-It-Yourself<br>Cake Art Image<br>Sugars sold separately                        Police Cupcakes<br>Poice - Fireman<br>8 Re-Usable Plastic Cake Pics

Fire Engine Cake Pan 

Fire Truck Cakes<br>Re-Usable Cake, Bread, JELL-O Pan

Fire Engine Candles, Mini Soaps and more
1 Fire Hydrant Soap<br>Flat on One Side<br>Mini Party Favor     Fireman Firefighter Candles     1 Fire Truck Mini Soap<br>Flat on 1 side<br>Party Favor


Party Favors to Use to Decorate Cakes & Cupcakes

102 Dalmatian Cupcakes<br>9 Re-Usable Rings<br>Cake Decorations & Partyhttp://thepartyworks.com/product_info.php/products_id/777





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