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Cookie Cutters
Food Uses

  1. Use to make shaped sandwiches for brown bag lunch boxes or any meal - great for finicky eaters.

  2. Make fanciful sandwich shapes for a child's birthday party.

  3. Make designer pancakes: Use to cut out novelty pancakes (a tempered copper cookie cutter http://www.cakeworkscentral.com/  can be used, with great caution to avoid burns and should only be done by adults) as a mold right on your hot griddle. Spray inside of cookie cutter before pouring batter in to them. Make a whole barnyard or zoo! Decorate with marshmallows, M&M's, whipped cream (Santa's beard or a snowman), etc. 

  4. Use only a tempered copper cookie cutter to fry eggs into novelty shapes (use with great caution to avoid burns; this should only be done by adults).
  5. Cut out biscuit dough.
  6. Cut out bread dough (after it has risen and kneaded lightly a second time).
  7. Cut out cracker dough for shaped crackers.
  8. Use as a mold for cheese spreads.
  9. Make cupcakes (using tempered copper cookie cutters , surround cutter with tinfoil and fold over the edges to seal in batter so it won't ooze out - put on cookie sheet lined with tinfoil).
  10. Use mini cookie cutters to cut pie dough and use on top of pie crust for decorations (use a little milk to put on top of uncooked pie crust and bake pie as usual).
  11. Cut Jell-O shapes (after it has gelled in the refrigerator).
  12. Make Tea Sandwiches for a Victorian Tea.
  13. Make beautifully-shaped sandwiches for the more upscale brunch or bridal showers.
  14. Let's not forget their use in making home made chocolates either just to round things off!
  15. Use to make shapes out of mashed potatoes and top off with grated cheese (kids love these!)
  16. Petit-Fours (using mini cookie cutters)
  17. Make shapes out of toasted bread.
  18. Use to lightly imprint buttered toast and sprinkle cinnamon sugar inside the imprint.
  19. Use a molds to make homemade chocolates or other candies.
  20. Spread melted chocolate onto waxed paper and when cooled, use a cookie cutter to make wonderful decorations for professional looking cakes.
  21. Use to cut Scones or other firm pastries.
  22. Use to make "designer" French Toast.
  23. Spray inside of cookie cutter with Pam and add Sushi Tuna. Fill until tuna reaches to top of cookie cutter; carefully un-mold onto plate or on top of cooked rice.
  24. Make brownies a little thinner than usual and cut with cookie cutter when cool.
  25. Use mini cookie cutters to cut out bell peppers and decorate potato salad.
  26. Use mini cookie cutters to punch out shapes in scooped out pumpkin.
  27. Chill and slice butter into pats. Cut with mini cookie cutter and arrange on plate.
  28. Make a Flower Pot Fruit Salad by using a small clay flowerpot and place a 1-inch piece of Styrofoam in the bottom of pot. Cut fruit with flower-shaped cookie cutters . Stick on to bamboo skewers. Add parsley bottom of pot. Fruit needs to be 3/4 inch thick slices. Use Kiwi, watermelon, apples, bananas, cantaloupe, etc. 
  29. Use to make cheese slice shapes to add to crackers for an appetizer.
  30. Make mini appetizer sandwiches.
  31. Make Rice Krispies treats and when cooled, cut out with cookie cutter. Buttering the inside of the cookie cutter removal of Rice Krispies easier to remove. Tip: Wet your hands with cold water makes handling of the sticky gooey stuff easier).
  32. Use as a mold and fill with ground meat for fun hamburgers.
  33. Use larger cookie cutter to make an individual meatloaf for each child.
  34. Wrap cookie cutter with aluminum foil, leaving one side open. Fill with fruit juice to make Popsicles.
  35. Wrap cookie cutter with aluminum foil, leaving one side open and make candies by melting hard candy (i.e. Jolly Ranchers) inside them. When removed from the oven and cooled, pop them out.
  36. An original breakfast: Use to make Breakfast Buddies, sort of a take off on McMuffin… Make fried eggs using cookie cutters. Try your best to cut the same shapes out of breakfast sausage patties and cook them. Cut shapes out of store bought biscuits and split them open. Then… assemble the sandwiches with the biscuits, sausage & egg and heat them in the oven until the biscuits are golden brown and warm. Garnish the Breakfast Buddies with jelly and fruit and enjoy a fun breakfast!
  37. Cut out designs in apples or melons.
  38. Purchase ice cream in rectangle containers; cut into ½-inch to 1-inch slices; use cookie cutters to make ice cream shapes. Drizzle chocolate for design, sprinkles to decorate, whipped cream, too.


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