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Funny Hunt Ideas


Funny Funny Ideas....

These are all funny ideas, some are worthy and
some aren't, but they are all clever!

Drive Them Crazeeee...
Paint all the eggs green and hide them in grass
that hasn't been mowed for a week or so.
Variation: Before hiding the eggs or prizes, glue grass strands
to camouflage them or add green sparkles to green eggs to make them a little easier to find.

Bedroom Maze

In your child's room! Usually they are so messy, it would be a real challenge for them to find the eggs!

Ask the children to hide the eggs or prizes for the adults and watch the fun begin... kids will love being in charge and watching the adults run around.

Snow Play
If your hunt is in the winter snow, leave the hardboilded eggs white
or wrap treats or prizes in white paper...
very difficult to find buried in the snow.

Nature in all it's Glory...
Decorate the eggs like rocks, grass, leaves and insects
so the eggs will blend in with the scenery outdoors.
An egg decorated to look like a rock and buried in among
the rocks with just a little of it seen will be very hard to find!
Funnier yet -- paint some rocks to look like eggs...

Deep in the Earth
Place coins inside of plastic eggs, bury them.
Each child or adult gets to take a turn with a metal detector.

THE Worst Idea of All!
Plant the eggs at least a month in advance,
blindfold the contestants and make them search by smell.


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