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Prepare Flash Cards with letters of the alphabet and when ready to play, shuffle them all up in front of the guests. Ask the ladies to get their purses and the men to just be ready. The first flash card is held up and the first person to find an item starting with that letter in her purse (men search their pockets) wins the flash card. After all the flash cards have been given away, the guest with the most cards wins.

Bring out a diaper that is rolled up and tied with a ribbon. Give all the guests paper and pencil and tell them that when the diaper is unrolled, there will be pieces of paper pinned to the diaper and each paper has the name of one baby item. Holding the rolled out diaper, show it to all the guests for one minute (or as desired). Roll the diaper back up, tie it with the ribbon and setting a time limit, ask the guests to write down every item they read. (Delaying the time between seeing the item names and the time they begin to write down their guesses makes it a little more fun and nerve wracking!) Person with the most correct guesses win.


Baby Scramble
bric (crib)
dingeef (feeding)
llortsre (stroller)
lodl (doll)
periad (diaper)
ybab lekraw (baby walker)
aidrep bga (diaper bag)
gnignahc bleat (changing table)
tanfin racrrei (infant carrier)
byab yto (baby toy)
thab meit (bath time)
burber uckdy (rubber ducky)
byba gojger (baby jogger)
dralec (cradle)
tooiefs (footsies)
gubgy (buggy)
mmyom (mommy)
ddyad (daddy)


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