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Garbage Cake



Tired of the same old, same old cakes with regular names?  
Then give this recipe a try... the name is attention getting and 
the ingredients together are an odd assortment.  

The cake is worth the effort as well as fun to make.


1 Angel Food Cake   (purchase ready-made at your local grocery store of bakery)
2 Large Boxes Strawberry (or any red color) JELL-O
2 Large Boxes "Instant" Vanilla Pudding
1 Can Fruit Cocktail (drained)
12 Ounces Whipped Topping (such as Cool Whip)
5 Medium Sized Bananas (sliced)
Lemon Juice (optional)


Cut up the entire Angel Food Cake into pieces and put all the pieces into an ungreased cake pan (13 x 9).

Make the JELL-O as directed by the manufacturer on the back of the package and pour over the Angel Food Cake pieces.

Refrigerate until the JELL-O sets, at least four (4) hours.

Drain the Fruit Cocktail and pour over the JELL-O and Angel Food Cake.

Make the Instant Vanilla Pudding as directed by the manufacturer on the back of the package and spread the pudding over the fruit cocktail.  

Slice the bananas and dip in lemon jice and drain (this prevents the banana slices from dis-coloring and turning brown).

Top with banana slices.

Spread the Whipped Topping over everything and refrigerate over-night.

Peaches may be substituted for Bananas.

Thanks to Anna Free!



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