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Garden Party


Garden Theme Party
by shopgirlaudi
(Esmeralda Cavazos)
Copyright August 2, 2004
Written Exclusively for The PartyWorks.com

Have a back yard bash with this garden theme party -- complete with bugs and dirt!

Make your own; flower shape or watering can. Write: ( child's name ) is growing like a flower.
Attatch the party details to a packet of seeds. Make your own invitations to look like a seed packet and write details on the back.

Use flower garlands in place of streamers; paper or artificial.
Use tin pails on the tables to hold utensils or napkins.
Use kiddie sized plastic wheelbarrows to hold party bags or other decorative party items.
Use tin pails or watering cans to make flower arrangements and set on the tables for centerpieces.
Use lady bug party ware or use green and yellow for your color scheme and set out your party ware in those colors.
Make big tissue paper flowers to extra decorations.

Make a flower cake. Bake a round cake for the center of the flower. Use twinkies for the petal. Ice the petals pink or
any other color you would like. Ice the center of the flower yellow and add chocolate chips for the seeds.

Or make a dirt and mud cake! Make a sheet cake. Frost with chocolate frosting. In a ziplock baggie, crush Oreo cookies.
Sprinkle on top of the cake to make "dirt". Scatter some gummi worms on top.


Make mud and dirt cupcakes. Bake your cupcakes and frost and add the cookie crumbs and worms like in above recipe.

Food and Snacks:
Make "ants on a log"- Peanut butter on celery sticks with raisins on top.
Serve cheese cubes and insert some flower picks in them.
"Bug Juice"- punch with 7-up or drink of your choice and name it "Bug juice"

Goodie Bags and Prizes:
Use a canvas gardener's bag, a tin pail, or a plastic flower pot. Put in a packet of seeds, a child's sized gardening tool set ( shovel, rake, and mini watering can), a pair of child sized gardening gloves, and a pair of windchimes. Don't forget the gummi worms.

For prizes use small bedded flowers or small potted vegetables.

Games and Activities:
Bean bag toss. Use a big flower pot to toss balls, or bean bags into. Make your own bean bags by filling a sock with a few scoops of beans then tying the top into a knot.
Pin the bee on the flower. Make a big picture of a flower on a posterboard. Use bee stickers or cut out some small round circles and draw on black stripes to make your bees. Use double sided tape to stick. Don't forget to write the child's name on the bee before placing it on the flower.
Wheel barrow races. Use two child sized plastic wheel barrows. Set a starting point and a finish line. Have the kid's race from start to finish hauling something in the barrows. If it falls out, they have to go back to the starting line.

For an activity,let the kids make flower garlands using either paper flowers or artificial ones.
Make flower petal hats. Make a headband using a thick strip of stiff construction paper, fit to the child's head size. Make big petals out of colored construction paper. Tape or staple the petals to the top part of the headband so the petals kind of flop down over the headband.
Let the kids decorate small terra cotta pots. Set out some acrylic paints and some paint brushes. Make sure to cover your work area well. Let the kids take these home to plant their seeds in.


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