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Gift Ideas


Cookie Cutters
Gift Ideas

  1. Place a heart-shaped candle holder (glass or tin) inside a cookie cutter (such as a teddy bear) and fill with potpourri. Wrap in cellophane and tie with curly ribbon. Makes a wonderful and appreciated gift for the top of a dresser or nightstand.
  2. Add to flower arrangements (baby rattle cookie cutter for new babies, for example).
  3. Attach to a decorative ribbon on a wrapped package for birthdays, holidays, showers, all special occasions as a little something extra - children especially enjoy this!
  4. Use as a stencil to make gift tags.
  5. Use book, apple, etc. cookie cutters to create a teacher's Collage Mat Frame.
  6. Paint jars, use Gingerbread cookie cutter to trace and cut out of cardstock and print gingerbread cookie recipe on it. Mix up a batch of the dry ingredients for gingerbread cookies and place inside jar, closing top tightly. Add recipe card and gingerbread cookie cutter on some Jute or curly ribbon, wrapping it around the lip of the jar. (This idea can be used to make mini jar party favors).
  7. Wrap a cookie cutter filled with homemade fudge or Rice Krispies/Marshmallows with cellophane and curly ribbon for party favors and memorable gifts. 
  8. Make fudge on a cookie sheet and use cookie cutter to make fun shaped candies.
  9. Use as a template for picture frames using recycled paper.
  10. Use to sponge and decoupage on flower pots, cookie jars, etc.
  11. Give as napkin rings with a set of napkins for a bridal shower.
  12. Cut out squares of carpet, paint both sides, making them different colors, and make a mobile for a baby's crib.
  13. Use cookie cutters to make trinket boxes by tracing the inside of the cutter for the bottom on stiff cardboard or poster board, adding a strip of the same cardboard about 2" wide around the edges. Then trace the outside of the cutter adding a strip about 1" wide to make the lid. Cover with fabric and/or add appliqués, sequins, beads, glitter, etc. 
  14. Bird Treats -- cut out shapes from bread and hang by strings in the trees.
  15. Cut out shapes using Fimo modeling material.
  16. Use as a stencil on wood to cut-out and paint.
  17. Use as a mold for cinnamon dough to make refrigerator magnets.
  18. Cut out shapes from clay to make a wind chime. (Get the pieces fired at a by-the-hour ceramics shop).
  19. Cut out ceramic shapes and turn the edges up to make candy dishes. (Fire and glaze).
  20. Cut our ceramic shapes to make Christmas tree ornaments. (Fire and glaze).
  21. Use mini cookie cutter wrapped in red silk ribbon, add a sprig of holly and a bow to make a holiday pin to wear on your winter coat.
  22. Thank You or Christmas gifts children can make for their teachers: Using holiday cutters, help children make some homemade gifts for their teachers. Place the cookie cutters as flat as you can get them on parchment paper. Melt some white chocolate and pour them into the cutters. Working quickly, add festive sprinkles or M&M's to the melted chocolate in each cookie cutter. Once the chocolate hardens (about 5 minutes?), cut off any extra chocolate that may have oozed out the bottom. Place your creation in a clear cellophane bag, tie it up with a bow and add a homemade gift tag you child has created and written to the teacher.
  23. Make felt cut-out drink coasters.
  24. the two halves of the two candles together. Let cool completely candles. Without wicks, you have scented wax potpourri shapes.
  25. Use to make Salt Dough figures.


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