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Giggle & Laugh


Giggle & Laugh
A Group Party Game

Kids love being able to giggle and laugh as part of the game but can they really be quiet, too?  

This game is a take-off on Musical Chairs.  Ask children to gather in a circle with space in the middle.  Toss an object in the air (handkerchief, feather, balloon, bubbles) into the air and while it is still floating, players are to giggle and laugh, giggle and laugh, until it lands on the ground.  Then players have to keep a straight face.

How simple is that?  No ahead of time preparations and this is a game kids will want to play over and over. 


To giggle and laugh when the handkerchief is in the air and to keep a straight face when it hits the ground.

Materials Needed:
Enough space for players to move around freely and a handkerchief or other light weight piece of cloth that will float down slowly when thrown into the air.

Kids stand "frozen" in a circle and can't move until freed by the "magic handkerchief". When the handkerchief has been tossed up into the air, all the players must giggle and laugh outloud until the handkerchief hits the ground ~~~ then they have to stop instantly and become frozen again. If any player smiles, giggles or laughs after the handkerchief hits the ground that child must leave the circle. Continue until there is only one player left and that player wins the game.

Other Objects Ideas:
Bubbles, feathers, music, etc.



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