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Gingerbread Cookie Train and Station


Gingerbread Cookie Train Station

Gingerbread Cookie Train

Gingerbread Train and Station

Gingerbread Train and Station

This is my first attempt at gingerbread construction.  The train station roof has mini M&M's and the porch roof has sliced almonds as shingles.  Gumdrops surround the station and the cobblestones are Sugar Babies.  The trees are ice cream cones turned upside down and iced.  The windows were cut out and crushed lifesavers were inserted before baking to make the glass panes.

The train has a flat-bottomed ice cream cone in the front and a gumdrop for the headlight.  An upside down chocolate bell forms the smoke stack.  The coupling on the cars are candy canes and the cars are filled with gingerbread men and assorted candies.  The cars are above ground with the help of Twix candy bars underneath and are hidden by the peppermint candy wheels.

The ground is covered with icing and shredded coconut. The station took two days to build, the train took one.




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