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Halloween - Garnishes


Halloween Garnishes

Celery Brooms - Trim roots and cut off leaves of celery; separate stalks and wash.  Cut into 4 inch lengths.  Taper narrow end for broom handle.  cut other end into many fine strips, 1 inch long to make brush part.  Chill in ice and water until brush strips separate.

Cheese Pumpkins - Grate sharp cheddar cheese and mold into small pumpkin-shape balls.  With fork or blunt end of wodden skewer, mark grooves on sides of pumpkin balls and insert a strip of green pepper into top for stem.

Pumpkin Donut Balls - Roll "holes" of doughnuts in orange colored sugar.

Black Cats - Soften chocolate wafer candies by placing them on top of hot cupcakes (just removed from oven).  Wafer forms body of cat.  With wooden pick, draw tail, head, ears and whiskers using melted chocolate from body.

Witches' Hats - Small licorice gumdrops placed on slices of larger licorice gumdrops makes witches hats for cake decorations.


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