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Holiday Uses


Cookie Cutters
Holiday Uses

  1. Use to holiday cookie cutters to cut figures out of sculptors clay, let dry and paint (great addition to baskets, as gifts, decorate wreaths and trees).
  2. Hang holiday cookie cutters decorated with ribbon on the tree, wreaths or walls.
  3. Tie cookie cutters together with velvet, grosgrain, or other ribbon leaving a length of ribbon between each cutter and use as a Christmas tree garland.
  4. Paint holiday cookie cutters for special effects for a wreath or tree.
  5. Add holiday cookie cutter to ribbon on a wrapped package.
  6. Wrap a Christmas Tree cookie cutter filled with homemade fudge or Rice Krispies/Marshmallows with cellophane and tie with a curly ribbon.
  7. Make paper ornaments or wall cut-outs for any holiday.
  8. Use cookie cutters to spray artificial snow on windows to make holiday decorations.
  9. Make cinnamon ornaments for an appreciated Christmas gift that will be used all year round. Cut out dough using an apple-shaped cookie cutters, use a straw to punch hole in the top of each ornament before baking them so you can tie some homespun fabric or ribbon in each after they are baked. Kids love them in their rooms because they smell so good, so make theirs in teddy bear or heart shapes! Recipe: 1 lb jar sweetened applesauce and 8 oz cinnamon. Directions: Drain 1# jar of SWEETENED applesauce overnight (you will be amazed at how much water seeps out!!) Add 8 ounces of cinnamon to this and mix together well. Pat into a ball, press hard to solidify and mix. Then pat out in 1 cup units onto wax paper, push to 1/4" thickness and cut with cookie cutters. Let dry. 
  10. Trace onto construction paper or on felt to make holiday wreaths (glue to round Styrofoam form or create your own wreath shape base from construction paper or cardboard. Not just for Christmas, but good for any holiday, including Easter and Thanksgiving.
  11. Buy two sets of holiday cookie cutters, using one set to make, then decorate a batch of cookies. Wrap each of the cookies individually in plastic wrap. Tie them AND the second set of cookie cutters to a wreath. Add the recipes for the cookies AND the icing. An edible, usable, reusable gift. (Our reader wrote: "Better than a puppy or a kitten because this is really the kind of gift that can keep on giving!"
  12. Let children make clay holiday ornaments (use straw to make hole in top before drying or baking for ribbon), glue tissue to the back and decorate, signing their name and date. Great gifts for grandparents, aunts and uncles! 
  13. Christmas Parties: Attach a small tag with a red/green ribbon with party details and one of your tried and true cookie recipes to holiday cookie cutters. Arrange them all in a large wooden bowl as a centerpiece, adding some touches of pine branches and red glass balls. As each guest leaves the party, they can select one as a party favor. 
  14. Hostess a Cookie Baking Party for your friends that want to give cookies as holiday presents or just for their family. Everyone comes with the ingredients for a batch of cookies (amount to be determined by Hostess on invitation) and each guest is responsible for making/baking/decorating these cookies. At end of party, all guests trade cookies and everyone goes home with different kinds and shapes. There is a family where all the ladies get together for a week to make 7,000 cookies between them!
  15. Tint pancake batter to match the holiday (orange for Halloween, green for St. Patrick's Day, red for Valentine's Day, etc., and pour into greased cookie cutters on a hot griddle. Use tongs and caution! Decorate with mini candies, chocolate chips or raisins before turning pancake over.
  16. Valentine's Day: Wrap a heart-shaped cookie cutter filled with homemade white fudge and decorated with heart-shape confetti candies in cellophane and tie with a curly ribbon.
  17. Any Holiday: String several (same or different designs) on twine or colored Raffia - knot after the addition of each cookie cutter. (Voila! A festive garland).
  18. Dye bread to match holiday season and cut with appropriate holiday cookie cutter.
  19. Let children decorate the outside of the cookie cutter with by wrapping it with ribbon then, place their photo on the inside and a ribbon loop on the top for grandparents to hang it on their Christmas tree. 
  20. Easter: Make Stained Glass Easter cookies by cutting cookies from a tube of refrigerated sugar cookie dough which has been rolled out slightly. With a butter knife, have children cut the shape of a cross out of the middle of the cookie. You can also use smaller cookie cutters to cut out a variety of shapes. Place on a cookie sheet and fill the cutout with any type of finely crushed clear hard candy (i.e. butterscotch, root beer etc.) and bake. The results really do look like stained glass!
  21. Mother's Day: Make pins using jewelry pin backings. Use any cookie cutter shape and trace pattern onto cardstock; let your child decorate; laminate. Add the jewelry pin back to backside. (makes a great gift for grandparents, family, friends and teachers). Variation: Attach to the bottom of the pin little metal rings or mini charms. The charms can be made using the same idea above with cut-out clipart; old greeting cards, etc. -- laminate; punch hole with small device like nail; attach to ring. Add pretend birthstones for each child's birthday to Mom's pin.
  22. Father's Day: Children can make sturdy paperweights for Dad's desk by a filling cookie cutter with a quick setting concrete mix (available at hardware stores) - use an alphabet cookie cutter with the first initial of Dad's name - or make three letters to spell out "D-A-D". Write a message to Dad or just sign your name. This definitely requires adult supervision.
  23. Use as forms to make paper machie flowers for Mother's Day (or any other holiday gift or craft).
  24. 4th of July: Shred a bar of soap into a bowl; add enough warm water to make it a thick mixture like Oatmeal cereal. Press this mixture into a star-shaped cookie cutter, letting it dry for several days before pushing it out of the cookie cutter. Also, try adding food coloring for a variety of colors.
  25. On St. Patrick's Day, use a Shamrock cookie cutter and sprinkle with edible green glitter for the luck of the Irish.
  26. Make a cookie cutter part of a Halloween costume, i.e. pastry chef, baker, gourmet chef, short-order cook.


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