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Home Decor


Cookie Cutters
Home Decor 

  1. Adorn/accent kitchen walls (just one or make a display to match your kitchen theme) to give a natural country cinnamon 'n apple mood.
  2. Use a large Mason Jar or clear Cookie Jar all year round to display the different cookie cutters for the season. Tie Raffia around jar to create a country kitchen effect.
  3. Use for sponging and decoupage on walls.
  4. Use a stencils to decorate around windows and doorways instead of buying expensive wallpaper borders.
  5. Use a variety of stencils from one theme (zoo or barnyard, ie) and make a mural on a kid's bedroom wall.
  6. Cut out squares of carpet, paint one side and use to decorate nursery walls or kid's rooms.
  7. Using different shapes, sizes, styles, tie onto different lengths of nylon wire and make a weatherproof, shiny, tingling wind chime. An idea: Graduate size of cookie cutters, from large at top to mini at the bottom. Use all different kinds or put some together to carry a related theme. For example, an animal theme, star theme (different sizes), sports theme, holidays, babies, etc. 
  8. Use clear fishing line and tie on a cookie cutter to each piece (12" lengths or as desired), especially older unique cookie cutters to create a mobile to hang from the kitchen ceiling!
  9. Use as a stencil to make felt shapes for a mobile or decorate walls of kids rooms.
  10. Display cookie cutters in a basket, with the basket hanging on a peg shelf in the kitchen.
  11. Tie backs for kitchen or children's bedroom curtains.
  12. Place one or two cookie cutters on a ribbon and hang from a kitchen window.
  13. String a bunch of cookie cutters onto a decorated metal hanger for an easy and quick project to make wind chimes.
  14. Decorate cookie cutter with colored tissue paper, colored plastic wrap, or some similar transparent or semi-transparent substance and hang up as a sun catcher in a window in any room of the house.
  15. Fill a cookie cutter with colored beans, seeds, or beads, and seal it well with clear or tinted plastic wrap. These can be hung up as a kitchen decoration. If filled with clear colored plastic beads, cookie cutter makes a nice sun catcher if hung in a window.
  16. Cookie cutters are great for decorating kitchen and children's room floors - use a stencil and get permanent paint to fill in with details.
  17. Make pathways or decorate flower bed trims by filling cookie cutters with a quick setting concrete mix (available at hardware stores).
  18. Hammer nails into an old cutting board and hang cookie cutters from it, changing the cookie cutter shapes seasonally - accent with dried Cinnamon apples and/or flowers.
  19. Use cookie cutter as a stencil or fill with Plaster of Paris to paint or decoupage and place on shelves in any room of the house. 
  20. Use mini cookie cutters as a pull tag on a window shade.
  21. Use cookie cutters on the end of drapery or curtain rods.
  22. Place a cookie cutter on a pretty plate, place a color votive candle in middle and put some "wet" potpourri around base for a country kitchen.
  23. If you are fortunate to have your Grandmother's cookie cutters from era gone by, display, display, display!
  24. Make "stained glass" sun catchers by using gelatin to create a sort of "plastic. Ingredients: 
    3 Envelopes Unflavored Gelatin (or if your a vegetarian, the gelatin substitute); 8-10 Tablespoons Water; several Drops of Food Coloring; plastic plate and something for punching hanging holes. Directions: Mix the water and food coloring over low heat. Add gelatin and stir continuously. Cook until thickened (30 seconds-a minute). Pour the mixture onto a plastic plate, remove as many air bubbles as possible. Let it set for 45 minutes-hour. Remove from plate. The gelatin will be flexible. Use cookie cutters to cut shapes. Punch holes where you would like to hang them from. Let them sit out and continue to air dry--they'll be in 2-3 days and can then be strung up to dangle where the sun will shine through them.
  25. Make "three-dimensional" tiles. Using clay, roll a 1/4 inch slab. Cut 4x4 (or any size and shape you choose) squares. From the same slab or a new one, cut shapes with cookie cutters. Rough up the back of the cutter cut clay and the front of the tile clay (only where the design will go though). Using a little slip (water/clay mixture) adhere the two together. Allow to air dry or fire if needed. Paint or glaze.
  26. Mini cookie cutter shapes as drawer or cabinet pulls.


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