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Invitation Poem


Baby Shower Poem Invitation
Adapt this poem to fit the mommy-to-be... our mommy wanted natural (cottons), slightly worn gifts (used but in good conditions) and no pinks and blues... what does your mommy want?
 I'm really glad that you will come
To spend time with my mother.
Sit down, relax, enjoy yourselves,
And chat with one another.
Sorry I can't be with you today
To share in Mommy's shower,
But you see I'm very busy cause
I'm growing more each hour.
Though I'm not here to thank you
For the special gift you brought,
My mommy, daddy and I are grateful...
We appreciate your thought.
My mommy doesn’t even know
If I’m a girl or boy,
She just knows that when I arrive,
I’ll be her greatest joy!My mommy doesn’t want
The usual pastel pinks and blues,
Because she prefers brighter colors
So I’ll be surrounded in cheery hues.She loves "gently" used items
But no frilly lace,
So she can do her part in
Making the world a better place.
100% cotton she’s chosen for my diapers
And soft clothing for me to wear,
Along with natural baby products
Mommy will give me the best of care!Sherry, Kimberly, Carolyn and Mary Ann,
The hostesses of mommy’s shower,
Hope you’ll come to spend some time
On Sunday for a few hours.And as a very special request,
They hope you will agree,
Because it will be so special, you know
For me to have a story book library.
So, along with your gift, please bring
The childhood book you liked the best
And when your gift is opened,
Please share why you remember it over the rest.
In case you need help
In selecting a baby gift,
When you RSVP by July 14th,
Ask Kim or Sherry to check their list. 
I'll be arriving shortly
I'm as happy as can be
So after I've been home awhile...
Please come visit me!
A big hit with the guests!


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