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Mashed Potato Sundae Party


Mashed Potato Sundae Party
Holiday parties are the fun times to invite people
from different aspects of your life (church, work,
PTA, etc.) but hostesses and hosts everywhere
experience dread and terror that guests won't mingle.
Smart party planners know that by providing fewer seats, guests will move around, talk, get to know one another.

And what can get them talking to each other?

Your Mashed Potato Sundae... the latest and greatest party sensation making its debut this holiday season.

Provide guests with their own individual Martini Glass
(fancy glass or plastic) and silver spoons.

Whip up lots of mashed potatoes and serve in heated serving ware (if you don't have a chaffing dish, use Pyrex bowls set
in steaming hot water to keep potatoes warm).

Provide lots of luscious "toppings" and let guests create their own "sundae".

Toppings can include, but not be limited to, Minute Stroganoff, melted cheddar/Swiss cheese, grated cheese, sautéed mushrooms and onions, butter, fresh crumbled bacon bits, fresh sliced 
scallions and mushrooms, olives, Parmesan Cheese, steamed broccoli, etc. 

Don't forget the Dessert Table -- Cheesecake Sundae -- with lots of toppings -- Chocolate syrup, Caramel syrup, hot fudge, melted marshmallows, chopped walnuts, whipped cream (freshly made with a pinch of Vanilla and powdered sugar), strawberry jam,
cherries and blueberries (pie filling from your grocery store), a small sifter with powdered sugar, and hot Triple Sec...

Your guests will remember your party and talk about it for years to come!

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How about a Potato Pizza?

Quick and easy - use stuff you can find at home;

Start with a baked potato, cut open. Get a jar of your favorite pizza sauce (Have none? - mix ketchup with a little sugar, oregano and Italian spices) Top with grated Mozzarella cheese
(All out - take any cheese you've got) Artfully place slices of pepperoni (Can't find any? Use salami, bologna, or any other meats you find) Toss on some mushrooms (preferably fresh, but canned or from a jar will work too) Add any of your other favorite pizza toppings from your fridge or pantry

And Voila! Custom-made Potato Pizza... submitted by Eva Rosenberg



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