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May Baskets


When I was a kid in the dark ages, we delivered May Baskets of Flowers. To new neighbors on May 1st without being seen. This was such great fun because our parents TOLD us to sneak up on the neighbor's porch, hang the flower basket on their front door knob, ring the door bell and run as fast we could to get away.

When my children were in grammar school, every year we'd make and deliver May Baskets to family, friends and residents of a local nursing home throughout the first week of May to celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of spring! I started this tradition because I wanted a fun way to teach children to respect Mother Nature - the changing of the seasons and the beauty of spring flowers. The small baskets were purchased from thrift shops or leftover from Easter and they held mini pots of whatever was blooming at that time of year, usually Pansies and Violets, and the basket handles were tied with pretty ribbons. There was great glee as we'd load the May Baskets in our car and off we'd go, delivering our little inexpensive gifts that always brought such joy to those receiving them. Of course, there was always an extra basket that my daughters would put in our kitchen, taking turns every other day to gently water the flowers.

Your children can make May Baskets from construction paper and fill them with construction paper flowers. Another easy idea is using a Styrofoam cup, poke a hole near the top of opposite sides and lace a ribbon or pipe cleaner through the holes to make a handle. The cup can be filled with a small flower plant or filled with candies.

A cherished time because the girls and I would love to watch the snow melt knowing that spring was on its way!


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