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Milestone Anniversaries


Party Plan
Milestone Anniversies 
(10th, 25th, 50th and more)


Let this day be a celebration of a lifetime!
Whether a 25th or 60th Wedding Anniversary, Milestone Anniversaries are meant to be celebrated.
Often times, "surprise" parties are hosted by the children to honor their parents, although married couples enjoy planning and hosting their own celebrations because it is so meaningful to them.

Many couples enjoy renewing their wedding vows at church. The lucky ones will run away on their honeymoon after the reception!

The party can be casual, formal, romantic, even parties with a theme - some fun ideas below.

Quick Tips
Party Time
The time set for the party tells the guests what to expect, for example:
5:00pm - indicates food will be served, it's dinner time
2:00pm - is in between lunch and dinner, so a meal is not expected

State clearly what guests should expect, for example:
Open House - "Please drop by between the hours of 2:00pm to 4:00pm"
Cocktail Party - "Join us for drinks and snacks from 5:00pm to 7:00pm"
Potluck - "Please bring your favorite dish for dinner at 6:00pm"
Surprise Party - "Park your car a block away and help surprise Marty and Bill with a buffet celebration" 

Contact the bridesmaids and ushers from the wedding, add old high school friends, college roommates, co-workers, friends from old neighborhoods, etc. and it will be a fun reunion for everyone.

This is an event to remember… hire a professional photographer or several volunteers that promise to take lots of photos.


To Bring or Not To Bring, that is the question to be decided - let the guests know in the invitations. 
Traditional Anniversary Gifts by Milestone Years
10th -- Tin
15th -- Crystal
20th -- China
25th -- Silver
30th -- Pearl
35th -- Jade
40th -- Ruby
45th -- Sapphire
50th -- Gold
55th -- Emerald
60th -- Diamond
75th -- Diamond (and well deserved the second time!)

Theme Ideas
Traditional Renewal of Vows
Western Boot Kickin' Romance
Love Boat Cruise Breakfast 
Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Social Afternoon
Sportstime Fun (only if both spouses enjoy sports)
(details of each theme can be found later in this article)



Traditional Renewal of Vows
A reprint of the original wedding invitation is a nice touch. Stationary stores have a variety of formal wedding papers that can be used for computer-generated invitations or handwritten in calligraphy. For easy planning, insert an RSVP card that guests can complete letting you know if they are attending and how many. Be sure to stamp these cards and a deadline date to return it to you. Guests are invited to the church to witness the renewal of vows, with a reception to follow. The reception can be held in a home, park, party hall or restaurant. Refreshments can be as simple as cake and punch to buffets, potlucks or sit-down dinners. The "Bride and Groom" should plan this event to make decisions such as dress, flowers, attendants, location, etc.

Western Boot Kickin' Romance
Use stationary with a bandana motif around the edges. More elaborate ideas: Fold the invitation inside a red/white bandana and mail it. Craft stores have western items, such as mini-sized ropes, horseshoes, cowboy hats, boots and add extra zest to the invitations. Suggest the guest dress in western attire. Fun reception locations include a barn or country church. Decorate a bales of hay that can also be used for guests to sit on. Dried wildflowers or daisies add a festive look to the church or reception as does any western décor, such as wagon wheels, saddles, kerosene lanterns (try costume rental shops if you don't live in ranch/farm country). Cowboy hats make great centerpieces. Food can be heaped on tin plates, utensils can be wrapped in bandana napkins and beverages served in tin cups. Activities can include … a country fiddler for music and a caller for square dancing… horseshoes… roping… 
Western Menu Favorites
BBQ Hamburgers, Chicken or Steaks
Potato Salad
Cole Slaw 
Corn on the Cob
Baked Beans
Brown Bread and Butter


Submitted by Kara Thomas
Click Here for instructions

Submitted by M.R.
Click Here for instructions


Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Social Afternoon
This is a wonderful afternoon party in the park or your back yard for a casual and fun day. Create ice cream cone invitations, duplicate a ice cream store gift certificate as the invitation… if time and budget permits, send a real ice cream cone (packaged well inside each box to prevent breaking in the mail) asking guests to attend for the scoop of ice cream! Decorations are as simple as bunches of fresh flowers. To bring the old-fashioned touch to the party, think about Victorian costumes, horse-drawn buggies, Tussy-Mussies, a gazebo, handlebar mustaches, big ladies hats and umbrellas. Food can be served on picnic tables with pretty tablecloths or set-up individual areas to serve popcorn, hot dogs, candy, etc. A piano played by a man (white sleeves, black garter and derby hat) and a Barbershop Quarter will add gaiety to the party. Sing-a-longs of songs from the early 1900's (provide papers with the words to all the guests), a taffy pull, croquet game and don't forget the checkers! In true tradition of those days gone by, ask each lady to bring a picnic basket with food for two. Place a large number on each basket when it arrives and set-it up on a table or stage area or gazebo. At the same time, put the number of each basket on individual pieces of paper, fold and put inside a jar or bowl. When it comes time to eat, each man picks a piece of paper, opens it, reads the number out loud. The picnic basket and the lady that corresponds to his number eat together. (a fun way to get guests to mingle).  

Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social
Menu Favorites:

A selection of various Ice Cream flavors
Ice Cream cones
Sprinkles and candy toppings
Sundae Toppings
Crushed Nuts
Whipped Cream
Cotton Candy
Soft Pretzels 

Strawberry Ice Cream
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Ready In: 40 minutes
Makes about 16 servings

2 cups unsweetened strawberry pulp*
3 cups (two 12 fluid-ounce cans) NESTLÉ® CARNATION® Evaporated Milk
1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
2 teaspoons lemon juice
1/8 teaspoon salt

COMBINE strawberry pulp, evaporated milk, sugar, lemon juice and salt in large bowl. Pour into ice cream maker; freeze according to manufacturer's directions.

* Any fruit or berry may be used. If using sweetened frozen berries, reduce sugar to 1/2 cup.


Recipes and Photos courtesy of NESTLÈ® USA and www.VeryBestBaking.com

Creamy Frozen Lime Pie


Cookie & Ice Cream 

Frozen Dessert recipe


 Ice Cream Pie recipe

Chocolate Caramel Sauce
(Makes 1 3/4 cups)

1 3/4 cups (11.5-oz. pkg.) NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® Milk Chocolate Morsels, divided
10 caramels
3/4 cup NESTLÉ® CARNATION® Evaporated Milk
Ice cream

COMBINE 1 1/2 cups morsels, caramels and evaporated milk in medium heavy-duty saucepan. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly until morsels and caramels are melted and mixture is smooth. Serve warm over ice cream; sprinkle with remaining morsels.

NOTE: If any sauce is left over, cover and refrigerate; reheat in heavy saucepan over low heat.



Love Boat Cruise Breakfast
Invitations can be cut in the shape of sailboats or ocean liners, computer-generate invitations on luau or nautical stationary or replicate a US Passport. Include a mini lei, sea shells or even a little sand from an exotic beach in the envelope. Dress: casual, vacation or nautical. Fun locations include a yacht, beach, seafood restaurant or your own backyard. Decorate with life preservers, lawn furniture, nautical flags and a gangplank. Champagne or Sparkling Cider Bottles make fun centerpieces - using a computer, personalize the bottle's label to include details of the anniversary celebration. Love Boat music, limbo and hula hoop contests and Lifesaver name tags. Rubber ducks (numbers marked on bottoms with permanent marking pen) in a wading pool to play Bingo or a sailboat contest (provide guests with paper to make their own sailboat to float in the wading pool).  

Love Boat Breakfast
Menu Favorites:
Ham Slices
Ham Gravy
Scrambled Eggs
(assortment of toppings, such as diced tomatoes, salsa, onions, etc.)
Toast, Rolls, Bagels
Danish Pastries and/or Coffee Cakes
Orange and Apple Juice
Champagne and Sparkling Cider

Recipes and Photos courtesy of NESTLÈ® USA and www.VeryBestBaking.com

Pumpkin Dutch Apple Pie


Strawberry Shortcake



Sportstime Fun
(only if both spouses enjoy sports)
"Take Me Out To The Ballpark" (baseball), "Touch Down, Touch Down" (football), or "Love, Love" (tennis) are some clever ways to celebrate a sports enthusiasts anniversaries. The invitation details or a tennis celebration can be written on a tennis ball, or use a ticket stub design. Hold the party on a football field, baseball diamond or tennis court. Casual sports wear is the dress. If the budget can afford it, provide all the guests with t-shirts that have the anniversary couple's photo on one side and celebration details on the other (can also serve as the invitation). Anniversary couple and attendants can dress as opposing teams. Provide guests with pompoms and have someone lead cheers when the renewal wedding vows are spoken. Touch football, baseball game or a tennis match, too?  

Sportstime Menu Favorites
Hot Dogs
Potato Chips (& dips)
Ice Cream Sandwiches


Recipe and Photos courtesy of 
NESTLÈ® USA and www.VeryBestBaking.com

Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich


Suggestions to make the celebration remembered year-after-year:

Memory Scrapbook - Using anniversary party pictures, create a memorable scrapbook as a gift to the anniversary couple. 

Video Tape Memories - Ask someone to video the festivities and also interview each of the guests.

Table Cover Remembrance - Tack a solid color tablecover to a wall and provide permanent marking pens (found at yardage stores) for guests to sign their name and comments. 


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