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Minnie Mouse Party


M-I-N-N-I-E M-O-U-S-E Party!
By Anne Cavicchi
Written Exclusively for The PartyWorks.com

The ultimate Minnie Mouse party would be in Disneyland... however, since that is not in most budgets, here are some ideas to bring a little Disney magic into your party!

Minnie Mouse Party Supplies

You can purchase pool party invitations or make your own!
Make your own using 3x5 red or chartreuse card stock paper, stick Minnie Mouse stickers on the outside and use a silver marker. Put some confetti inside the envelopes, so that it spills out when the invitations is opened. Your invitation could say ""Minnie Mouse is here to say (your child's name) is (your child's age). Hooray!" Remember to include all the party details inside along with your number so guests can respond.

You can find a full range of decorations at thePartyWorks.com
If you are feeling creative, use solid color party ware in red, black and yellow or pink and black and decorate the table cloth and cups with stickers or drawings. For centrepiece use a Minnie Mouse toy holding lots of balloons.
If your child is a big Minnie Mouse fan, odds are you have a few toys you can use as decorations and/or balloon weights.
Streamers in colors to match are also very festive and fun.
Minnie Mouse Cut Outs
You can also use an overhead projector to make "life sized" drawings of Minnie Mouse and others. Draw on poster board, color, and place on wooden stakes (if using outside) or tape them up on the walls (the kids will love having their pictures taken by the cutouts). You can send the pictures out to the guests in their thank you cards!
You can also use this large Disney backdrop for fun and photo ops!

Food and Snacks
You can use a mickey or minnie mouse cookie cutter to make great shaped sandwiches, cheese slices, cookies, and whatever else you can think of!
Cheese (since mice love cheese!) and crackers
Hot Dogs (don't forget to slice them lengthwise to help prevent choking)
Hamburgers with Minnie Mouse shapes cheese slice on top

Minnie Mouse Cake
There are so many great cake ideas!
This is as EASY as it gets... buy a frosted cake or prepare your own... add the cake toppers or cake art. The decorated cake can then be used as a centerpiece or table decoration! The toppers can be kept as mementos or played with as toys after the party has been celebrated. Be as eleborate or simple as you like. Cup Cakes are also a lot of fun -- each guest then has their own cake!

Games and Activities
Musical Chairs
Pin the nose on Minnie Mouse
Mickey/Minnie Mouse Scavenger Hunt Before the party hide small Mickey and Minnie Mouse items around the party area. The day of the party let the kids look for the Mickey and Minnie Mouse items.
Mickey/Minnie Mouse Classics Let the kids watch some classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse cartoons
Mickey/Minnie Mouse Face Painting - Lots of fun!
Mickey/Minnie Mouse Colouring When guest arrive let them colour Mickey & Minnie Mouse clipart while they wait for other guest to arrive
What Does Mickey Mouse Whisper: Let the kids sit in a circle. Start the game by whispering a silly sentence to the first child, include Minnie mouse in the sentence. That child then passes the whisper on to the child sitting next to her in the circle and so on. The last child in the circle says the sentence out loud. You can then let them all know what the original sentence was -- they will laugh when they compare the sentence with the original sentence.
Minnie says - just like SImon says, but using Minnie instead

Goody Bags
You can use these adorable treat boxes and place the treats inside. You can also use a plain paper bag with stickers or drawings on them. Fill the bag with things like temporary tattoos, bouncy balls, wristbands, minnie mouse coloring book and crayons, bubbles, minnie mouse ears and white gloves (the ears and gloves could be given at the start of the party as the kids will have fun being dressed up in them).

Don't forget to send out thank you cards to all your guests too.


About the Author:
Anne Cavicchi is a Canadian mom and owner of Annie's Boutique and www.maternitycorner.com. When she's not working, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, golfing, photograpy and traveling.


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