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Mummy Wrap


Mummy Wrap
Ages 6-12
Six or More Players
Object: To be the first player to wrap your partner from head to toe like a mummy.

Materials Needed: One roll of white or colored toilet paper for every two kids. Optional: Scotch Tape

Directions: Divide the kids into pairs with one as the mummy and the other as the mummy wrapper. On the count of three (after warning the players that the toilet paper is very old and delicate), all of the mummy wrappers race to wrap their mummies with their rolls of toilet paper as fast as they can.

To win, a mummy wrapper has to be the first to wrap his mummy from head to toe except for the face. In the hurry and excitement of the wrapping, the players will soon find that the toilet paper will tear, causing all kinds of delays, do overs and giggles. If you want to make the game easier, provide tape. Buy extra rolls of mummy wrap so that the team can switch places.

you can have a mummy wrapping contest and award a prize to everyone for fun categories like "freakiest," "silliest" or "most ghoulish"... don't forget to take pictures.


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