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Nemo Party


Nemo & Friends Party
by shopgirlaudi
(Esmeralda Cavazos)
Copyright August 2, 2004
Written Exclusively for ThePartyWorks.com

Create an underwater adventure....

Purchase "Finding Nemo" invitations or make your own.

To make Invitations:
Cut out a Clown Fish (Nemo) shape from colored cardstock or construction paper.
Punch a hole around the mouth area.
Tie a piece of string or fishing line to a hang from the hole (a fishing line).

On the back or inside the invitation, write the party information.

Something fishy's going on at (address)
on (date)
at (time).
Come on over for a reely good time.

Dive into (name)'s birthday.
Cast off (party date).
Dive time(start time).
Resurface (end).
S.O.S. (R.S.V.P.).

Make a cut out of a clam's shell. Fold a piece of cardstock in half. Draw or trace the shape with the top of the shell being on the folded edge. Cut out the shape cutting through both pieces of the folded paper so that the clam shell opens to show the inside. Now write party info on the inside of the shell. Use shiny paper to decorate the outside of the shell. Or use white cardstock and use iridesent gel pens to decorate the front of the shell.

Go with blue and green colors. Blue table covers to represent water. Green balloons, or white or clear balloons to represent bubbles. Hang strands of blue and green streamers to make seaweed curtians. Tape paper fish to the ends and middle of the streamers. Drape fish nets on the tables or hang them and add paper fish or small starfish or shells. Hang a wooden anchor. Use ivy bowls filled with blue liquid for centerpieces or small fish bowls. Float a fish toy or use feeder fish in plain water. Buy a large inflatable pool toy (ie. a shark (Bruce) or a turtle (Squirt). Let the kids take a picture on your sea friend. Let the kids take the picture home as a favor or use it in your thank you cards. Use other inflatable sea creatures for added decoration. Use a bubble blower. Walmart has a Nemo bubble blower for $10. If you have or can borrow a large trunk, this would be make a nice decoration as a "treasure chest". Leave the lid open and fill it with "treasures".

Make a Nemo Cake!


Make cupcakes. Frost and top with a gummi fish.

Food and Snacks:
Serve goldfish crackers in a sand pail. Scoop out with a sand shovel.
Take pretzels sticks, tie on a licorice strip, attach a gummi worm at the end of the licorice for fishing poles.
Shark punch. Freeze gummi shark in an ice cube. Float cubes in blue punch.
If serving a meal, how about fish sticks?
Or make tuna fish sandwiches or any cold sandwich and cut into fish shapes with a cookie cutter.
Make blue jello. When particially thickened insert gummi fish/sharks. Serve in clear bowls or cups and top with a whipped cream wave.

Goodie Bags and Prizes:
Use a plastic sand pail and fill it with some gummi worms or gummi fish or sharks, a small bag of goldfish crackers, a magnetic fishing rod or fishing game (Dollar Tree/Walmart for 88 cents), fish, turtle or shark tub toys or plastic sea creatures, diving toys or diving sticks, goggles, or a snorkel mask and flippers.

As an alternative, use a small plastic toolbox to make your "tackle box" and fill with goodies.

Games and Activities:
Octopus ring toss from Oriental Trading Company or buy a pool ring toss game at the Dollar Tree.

Pin the fin on Nemo.

Make a fish or turtle version of the duck pond game. Float turtle or fish tub toys in a large container filled with water. Mark the bottom of a few of the turtles or fish. Kids take turns picking a floaty. Whoever picks the marked one wins. Or mark the bottoms with a number or color and kids win the corresponding prize.

Play the fishing game. Make a "fishing rod" with a long dowel, some string and a clothes pin. Tie the string to the end of the dowel and then tie the clothes pin to the other end. Hang a curtain or put up a large cardboard box. Someone stands on the other end of the curtain or box to receive the line. The children then takes turns casting their line over the curtain or box and the receiver clips a prize to the clothes pin, tugs on the line and the child "reels it in".

You can also revise this game buy filling a kiddie pool with small toys and prizes. Use sticky back magnetic strips to attach to the goodies. Make a fishing rod like above and add a magnetic strip to the end of the line. Kids can fish for their prizes.

This is a combination Marco Polo game/Blind Man's Bluff game I came up with. Appoint one child to be Nemo's dad. This child gets blindfolded. From the remainder of the children, appoint one Nemo. Give the child something to wear; an orange hat or visor will do the trick. All other children are "sharks". Nemo's Dad shouts out for "Nemo"; like calling out "Marco" in Marco Polo. Nemo calls back to "Dad"; like calling out "Polo" in Marco Polo. Dad has to find Nemo by feeling around and holding onto someone (Blind Man's Bluff). If he grabs a "shark" he is out; next child takes a turn. If he finds Nemo; he wins. Let all children take a turn at being Dad.

As an activity, make sand art. Provide small plastic containers and different colors of sand. Let kids fill their containers. Kids take this home as a favor.

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