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Outrageous Obstacles


Outrageous Obstacles

For this game, two relays teams race through identical obstacle courses -- the first team that completes the race wins. (If a large number of kids want to play, you can run as many heats as you want.) The obstacle course at your party can be as wild as your imagination and resources permit, but here are a few ideas: Racers can crawl through Hula Hoops, bounce balls, step in and out of tires, jump over a sleeping alligator (a log, bucket or hay bale), step into a sack and jump a few yards, hop on one foot, shoot a watergun at a target, pop an inflated balloon by sitting on it, jump rope ten times without missing, or pitch a Frisbee through a hoop. When ear runner has completed the obstacles, she or he must run backward (not through the course) and tag the next runner on her or his team. To add a last challenging obstacle for older kids: once every runner has completed the course, require each team to build a human pyramid and hold it for five seconds.


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