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Palm Tree Cake


Cut-Up Cake



 Created and decorated by
Kellie Sprunk




Kellie wrote:

The Palm Cake was my first real challenge.  I have made other cakes in the past (Elmo, castles, etc.) but this was awesome and so much fun!!  I look forward to more challenging cakes to make!! 
The palm leaves are made out of wafer paper (product used to put a screen print on a cake).  It is very brittle so I had to be extremely careful not to crack it.  The paint is edible and easy to work with...the paint kind of made the paper easier to work with it because it made it damp.  I was so worried that it was going to take me days...
First, I baked two loaf cakes and let them cool.  I placed one loaf cake on the board vertically and then the other horizontal..like a T shape...and refrigerated them for about 12 hours which allowed the cake to harden and be easier to work with.  I cut the top part of the T to make it it more like a  tree... I used two different chocolates (milk and dark), swirling them together on the trunk to give it the two-toned poky look.
I frosted the two cakes to gether and the took the leaves that i had cut out and painted the night before adding dabs of  frosting as my 'glue', overlapping them.
I made 3 dark chocolate balls of frosting for the coconuts!! and added to the palm tree.
Putting the cake together probably took about 30 minutes at the most.  Baking the two cakes was the longest part.


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