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Cookie Cutters

  1. Use them as balloon weights.
  2. Use as a stencil on colored cardstock to make name tags .
  3. Make paper ornaments and wall cut-outs to match any party or shower theme.
  4. Use to draw patterns for kids to color and have fun as a party activity.
  5. Use a napkin rings (and let the guests take them home as party favors).
  6. Cookie cutters can be useful as place cards. Attach a piece of paper to the back of the cookie cutter and write the guest's name on the paper. Place the cookie cutter with the name beside or on top of the plate.
  7. Wrap cookie cutter with aluminum foil, leaving top open and fill with cake batter to make mini cakes and let the guests decorate their own special cakes by providing frosting, sprinkles, chocolate chips, mini candies, etc.
  8. Use cookie cutter to stencil designs on cloth napkins, for holidays or birthdays - add date and let the guests take their napkin home as a party favor.
  9. For a little girl's tea party or baby shower, tie cookie cutters together with velvet, grosgrain, or other ribbon leaving a length of ribbon between each cutter, tying them individually to a small tree (which requires fewer cookie cutters). 
  10. Finger sandwiches - cut bread first and then fill with egg salad, tuna salad, chicken salad, etc. Depending on party theme or holiday, dye the bread to match. For example, on Easter, dye the bread pink, blue, and yellow using an egg cookie cutter for egg salad sandwiches; a chicken cookie cutter for chicken salad sandwiches, etc. At Christmas, dye the bread green and use tree shape cookie cutters for a festive look!
  11. Use to anchor down a bouquet of helium-filled balloons or a single helium balloon. 
  12. For a Bridal Shower, ask each guest to bring one or two cookie cutters and tie with ribbons to the limbs of a small tree centerpiece. The string of cookie cutters is then given to the bride or mother-to-be as a gift! 
  13. Variation of the above for Baby Showers: Make two, one for each Grandmother-to-Be!
  14. Fill cookie cutter with broken clear hard candy and bake until the candy fuses together into little "stained glass windows" Hang up like a chandelier for a birthday party or give as party favors.
  15. Tape cardboard to the back of a cookie cutter to match decorations, fill with small candies (ie, M&M's) and wrap the whole thing with colored Saran Wrap as party favors.
  16. Make a centerpiece floral arrangement by inserting a dowel into the center of a pot like a topiary and add cookie cutters. 
  17. Treasure Stones: Treasure Stones
    1 cup flour One cup used coffee grindso1/2 cup salto1/4 cup sand orTempera paint or food coloring. 1) In a large bowl, mix all the ingredients into a dough; 
    2) Remove the dough form and knead it on a floured surface. Press dough into molds to shape; 3) Hide toys and surprises in the center of the dough, and then allow dough to dry in a warm place for 2-3 days; 4) When dry, the dough will look and feel like a rock. Break open the rock with a small hammer to reveal treasures.
  18. Lollipop People: You'll need craft sticks, leftover felt, round or any two-inch cookie cutter shape, glue, pencil, scissors, cardboard and photos of children and mothers. Here's what to do: 
    Use cookie cutter as the pattern, trace on to the cardboard and cut out six shapes. (An old cereal box or gift box works great!). Glue the cardboard circles to your leftover felt scraps. Cut out the felt circles and glue a craft stick to the back of each one. Cut out the pictures to place a face on each lollipop.
  19. Ladies Brunch party favors: Using a hot glue gun, attach 1/4" wide picot ribbon bow with a loop at the top of each cookie cutter (for hanging) and matching silk rose bud with leaves in the center of the bow. To use the cookie cutter, simply remove the bow/flower because it will come cleanly off the cutter.
  20. Make watercolor decorations. Using 140 lb. watercolor paper, at least a red, blue and yellow watercolor, and an artist's quality brush (1 inch flat is best) flood the paper with juicy washes of color. Throw on salt or plastic wrap and allow to air dry (colors always dry lighter than they appear wet). Use cookie cutters as a template to cut out shapes. Punch a hole in the top for hanging. Seal with a coat of gloss varnish (found in the paint area of your local hobby store).


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