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Pasta Shower


In most second marriages, both the bride and groom already have kitchen necessities, such as pots, measuring cups, wooden spoons, etc. The focus of this shower is to have a fun time celebrating their union and provide Italian food item gifts and utensils.

Attendance: Couples

Place: Kitchen (adventurous groups can even "make" the pasta by hand or with a pasta machine – an all afternoon activity)

Menu: Varieties of pasta shapes, variety of sauces (white, red, marinara), fresh Parmesan Cheese, antipasto salad, garlic bread and dessert (Italian would be good), iced tea and a good Chianti.

Game ideas:

Name the Pasta: Paste one of each variety of pasta on a posterboard and those guessing the most correct names win.
Pasta Bingo: Ahead of time, make up printed cards (use your own computer/printer at home or work) with either drawing of each pasta variety or the pasta name --- then have the real pieces of pasta in a bowl and draw one at a time, letting everyone mark their cards.
Prizes: Italian cooking items

Gifts for the Bride/Groom: Pasta pot, spaghetti measurer, bottled spaghetti sauce, pasta, dried herbs, Italian cheeses, any Italian kitchen stuffs.

This idea can be created for any wonderful ethnic group, such as German or French Kitchen Shower.


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