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Photo Road Rally


Created by Shelly Beck for the Glen Ellyn Newcomers Club in Illinois
Copyright by Mary Ann Ross and Kimberly Lainson


1. You must have fun while driving safely.
2. All team members with the exception of the camera person must be videotaped with the item in question. There should be no question as to authenticity.
3. You team must locate a minimum of 3 items from each of the three categories: People, Places, and Things. A maximum of 12 items can be submitted on your video.
4. Give boundaries here.
5. First team to return to the starting point earns an extra 20 points. Remember the team with the most points wins!
6. The Road Rally begins at 7:30 and ends at 9:00. Teams returning later than 9 pm will be penalized 5 points for every 5 minutes they are late. Remember rule #1!
7. Judging will be done when all teams have returned to the starting point. Judging will be conducted by the games night chairpeople. Unruly participants will be disqualified. The judges’ rulings stand.

Person whose birthday is today. Must show proof. 100
Bride and Groom 75
Banjo player 40
A live band 40
With a stranger doing the Macarena 40
With a stranger singing the National Anthem under a flag. 40
Your team handcuffed together (extra 20 points if behind bars) 40
Fireman in uniform 30
A clown 20
Your team with a mannequin 20
With a nurse 20
Hot dog vendor 20
Pizza delivery person (extra 30 points if delivering a pizza) 20
Tattoed person 20
Pierced tongue 20
Young lovers, necking 20

At a fast food restaurant wearing employee hats
( extra 30 points if you can sing the jingle) 70
At a swimming pool, everyone on the diving board 75
At a sledding hill with everyone on a sled 40
Wading in a body of water – not a pool 40
Everyone in a kids’ ball pit 40
In a car wash while it is operating 30
At a tool shed or barn 30
Entire team swinging on a swing set 30
A flagpole by a place of learning saying the Pledge of Allegiance 30
Chinese fire drill on Main St. 30
In the sleeping quarters of a hotel with authentic hotel logo visible 30
Place you get a prescription filled (extra 20 points with pharmacist) 20
Your entire team in a Johnnie on the spot 20
On a sand volleyball court (extra 20 points if playing) 20
At a historical museum 20
In front of a tombstone (extra 20 pts. if death date is 1870 – 1880) 20
In a gazebo 20
On a golf green (extra 20 points if putting) 20
At a wishing well 20
Returning library books in the outside drop off 20
Dancing in a bar 20
At a grocery store doing leap frog down the aisle 30
Getting your nails done 30
Using an ATM machine 20


RED fire hydrant and its location 100
A bus,limo,or taxi with everyone in it 75
A tandem bicycle 50
Sand castle 20
Illuminated Christmas decoration or lights 40
Each of you sitting on a separate motorcycle 40
Farm animal (extra 10 points if someone is sitting on it) 30
Property up for a hearing sign 30
A talking bird (extra 10 points if bird talks on camera) 30
“National Register of Historic Places” sign 30
Standing in front of a commuter train (extra 20 points if on the train) 30
A public urinal ( extra 20 points if in use by one of your team members) 30
Bulldozer 30
With a bronze statue 30
A condom machine ( extra 20 points if you purchase one) 20
In an elevator 20
Rowing or paddling a boat (extra 20 points if boat is in the water) 20
Movie poster of a currently playing movie 20



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