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Pirate Party


Pirate Party
By shopgirlaudi
(Esmeralda Cavazos)
Copyright August 2, 2004
Written Exclusively for ThePartyWorks.com

Ahoy Maties! Join us on a sea raising adventure.

Buy ready made pirate invitations or uUse cardstock to make a treasure chest invitation. Cut a sheet in half widthwise. Take a half and fold in half so that the card opens up. Decorate the outside of the card to look like a treausre chest. Use glitter glues to draw an outline and dots to resemble jewels. Write your party info on the inside of the card. Or

Buy an inexpensive map or print one off the computer(preferably a world map). Cut the map into squares the size you would like your invitations to be. Crinkle and tea stain. Run hot water in a bowl. Add tea bag until water turns dark brown. Crumple piece of map to wrinkle. Put into the tea until it is soaked through. Let it sit for about 1 minute. Remove and carefully unfold.Lay on a flat surface to dry. For a more authentic look, tear the edges of the map piece before you crumple and stain. If hand delivering the invitations, roll up the paper and put into a small bottle leaving enough of the map outside of the bottle for recipent to retrieve. Don't forget to mark your map with a big red "X".

Use penant flag banners with skulls on them. Crossbone banners

Hang Pirate Loot Dangling cut outs

Hang a Pirate Loot Hanging mobile (on this site).

Use red, black and white streamers and balloons.

Use Pirate Loot mylar balloons

Set you tables with the same colors of partyware. Or use Pirate Loot or Peter Pan party ware

Set out Pirate Loot centerpieces.

Drape fish nets on the table.

If you can find any left over skulls from Halloween, use these for additional decoration. Or set out a large plastic skeleton (put pirate eye patch and bandana on your skeleton pirate).

Perch a stuffed or toy parrot on a ledge or shelf.

Make "message in a bottle" centerpieces. Follow the instruction for hand delivered invitations. Set in the middle of the table.

• 1 baked 9-inch round cake
• 2 1/2 cups white frosting
• 1 1/2 cups red frosting
• Marshmallow
• Fruit leather
• M&M
• Peppermint patty
• Black shoestring licorice
• Mini jawbreakers

Step 1:

Freeze the cake for 2 to 3 hours, then cut and arrange as shown. Frost the priate's face white

Step 2:

Add a marshmallow nose and an eye and mouth cut from fruit leather. Use M&M for an eyeball.

Step 3:

Tie on a peppermint patty eye patch with shoestring licorice straps. Give the pirate a stubbly beard,
hairdo and eyebrows made of shoestring licorice. Frost the bandanna red and decorate with mini jawbreakers.

Or use the Little Pirate Pan to make a pirate figure cake.

Or decorate a sheet cake with Pirate figures cake decorations.

Food and Snacks:
Serve Goldfish crackers.

Make French bread pizzas or hot dogs. Spear a paper sail with a wooden skewer into the hot dog or pizza for your ship.

Serve Fish and Chips.

Goodie Bags and Favors:
Give out a pirate eye patch, a bandana, pirate play set (Dollar Tree has the cutest ones that include an eye patch, a dagger and sheath, a collapsible telescope, a hook hand and some gold coins), plastic gold coins or chocolate coins, skull rings, ring pops, candy necklaces, or skull tatoos, Pirate Loot blow outs, fold out telescope, pirate hook, pirate set, pirate telescope,pirate fold out hats

Put all the favors in Pirate Loot cello bags or Pirate Loot bags

Games and Activities:
Cannon Ball Toss. Use large plastic baseballs. Spray paint them black to look like cannon balls. Toss into a bucket. Most in wins.

Pin the Patch on the Pirate. Draw a face on a posterboard. Cut out black circles out of cardstock for the eye patches.Closest to the eye wins.

Digging for Treasure. Fill a box with sand or use a sandbox. Take plastic gold coins and write a number on them. Bury the coins in the sand. Kids dig for the coins and win a prize for the corresponding prize group. Like a #2 wins a prize from prize group #2., etc.

Polly says (Simon Says).

Tic Toc Croc. Use a kitchen timer for this game. Hide the timer and have the kids try to find it by listening for the sound.Need to find it before the bell rings. Do this with each individual child or in groups.

Have a treasure hunt. Hide a treasure box of goodies beforehand. Make a map to lead to the spot. Have the kids follow the map to find their treasures. Use a big cardboard box for your treasure chest. Cover in brown paper and decorate. Fill with candy necklaces, ring pops, plastic pirate toys, small plastic boats, etc.

Walking the Plank. Use a 2 by 4 for this activity. Let kids take turns trying to make it across without falling off. For an added effect, raise the board about six inches off the ground using cinder blocks. Place a kiddie pool filled with water underneath the board. Place small plastic or inflatable crocodiles in the pool.

Make a hook hand. Use red plastic cups. Cut a slit in the bottom of the cup. Cut a hook shape out of sturdy cardboard and cover with aluminum foil. Slip through the slit in the cup.

Decorate treasure chests. Use small wooden boxes or cardboard boxes you find in your craft department or store. Have gold paints, small beads, gold braid, shells, plastic skulls, gold glitter, glitter glues, etc. to decorate the chests. This is a take home favor.


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