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Rescue Heroes


Rescue Heroes
by shopgirlaudi
(Esmeralda Cavazos)
Written Exclusively for The PartyWorks.com

Buy or make your own. You can print out invites off of the official Rescue Heroes web site.

Use primary colors for all of your decorations and partyware or decorate according to the centers as described below.

Use any Rescue Heroes toys you might have.

The Rescue Heroes site offers a good idea for the cake or use this one.


1 baked 13-by-9-by-2-inch cake
6 cups red frosting
1 cup gray frosting

red M&M's
chocolate sandwich cookies
pretzel rods and sticks
yellow gumdrops
black jelly bean
white Chiclets
mini jawbreakers
black shoestring
twist licorice

Freeze the cake for two to three hours, then cut into four pieces (A, B, C and D).
Slice B in half horizontally to create E. Stack A onto D for the engine bed,
B onto C for the cab, and E onto D for the control panel. Frost the bed and cab
red and the controls gray. With a dab of frosting, place an M&M in the center of each cookie
to make the wheels, then press onto the engine. Add a pretzel ladder, gumdrop emergency lights,
jelly bean horn, Chiclet headlights and jawbreaker controls. Use licorice to make a hose and outline the windows of the cab.

Food and Snacks:
Serve Hero sandwiches.

Powerade Sports Drink.

Make cookies in a star shape for a badge. Let kids decorate as an activity. You can also make cookies in the shape of a car or plane and let kids decorate as well.

Goodie Bags and Prizes:
Dollar Tree carries some figures that greatly resemble Rescue Heroes.

You can also give out plastic firefighter figures, toy fire trucks, flashlights and fireman's hats.

Plastic handcuffs, siren whistles, badges, toy police cars and policeman figures.

Plastic construction hats, toy plastic tools and tool belt.

Stuffed amimal bean bags, plastic toy animals.

Plastic astronaut figures, rockets, rocket launcher, pop rocks, glow in the dark stars.

Plastic toy airplanes, helicopters, parachute guys, flying discs.

Use primary colored paper sacks or white lunch sacks decorated with Rescue Heroes stickers. Or use themed loot bags.

Games and Activities:
You can set up different centers for this theme according to characters and occupation.

Set up a "police station". Give out the favors listed above for policeman in this center(handcuffs, siren whisteles,etc.).

Decorate this area with blue and white streamers and balloons.

Provide index cards or cards cut out of colored cardstock the size of an index card. Use a washable ink pad to let kids put their finger prints on the cards.

Print out pages with outlines of a face. Have colors, markers and pencils on hand. Let kids make their own wanted posters.

Have target practice. Let kids shoot at a target with a water gun.

Set out a plate of donuts for the "policemen" to snack on.

Set up a "fire station". Give out the favors listed above for fireman in this center (hat, firetruck,etc.).

Decorate this area with red and white balloons and streamers.

Set up a small area where kids have to "rescue" a kitten or other stuffed toy "caught up in a tree".

Make a replica of a real firetruck out of a refrigerator box. Put the box on it's side and cut out the shape of the truck. Cut out the front and side windows and paint the whole box red. Paint the ladder on each side in black. Glue on tin pie plates for the headlights and a yellow badge sign depicting Fire Truck No. 4 (USE AGE OF CHILD).
You can also make a yellow light for the top with yellow cardboard bent to look like a siren. Make a steering wheel out of styrofoam. Take a picture of each child with a firefighter's hat on inside the truck. Send this home as a party favor.

Give each child a box of Red Hots in this area.

Set up a "construction site".

Give out plastic construction hats, tools and belts.

Decorate this area with yellow and orange streamers and balloons. Use yellow caution tape and make signs (Hard Hat Area). Use plastic orange cones.

In this area let the kids build using pop sticks or wooden blocks or Legos. Take a picture of them with their creations.

Let kids toss plastic toy hammers into buckets for a kind of bean bag toss.

Have a wheel barrow relay race. Have kids haul a load of styrofoam bricks from starting line to finish without dropping any.

Set up a "space station".

Give out platic astronaut figures, star stickers,etc.

Decorate with stars, rockets, etc.

Make rocket craft.

1 13.30-oz. bag SNICKERS® Brand Miniatures
1 13.30-oz. bag MILKY WAY® Brand Miniatures
1 16-oz. bag STARBURST® Original Fruit Chews
10 cardboard tubes (4-1/2 inches)
10 pieces brightly colored construction paper (4-1/2 inches square)
80 12-inch strands various colors curling ribbon
Double-stick tape
10 pieces brightly colored tissue paper (10 x 10 inches)
Star and planet stickers

What to do:
Before the party: Roll the construction paper around the cardboard tube and secure it with tape.
Stuff one piece of tissue paper in the bottom of the tube.
Make a 2-inch cut towards the center of each circle.
Twist the circle into a cone shape, securing it with tape. Set aside.

During the party:
Gather all the kids around a table and give each of them a tube and a cone.
Have the stickers scattered around the table. Let the kids decorate the tubes and cones with the stickers.

Have the kids fill the tubes with an assortment of SNICKERS® Brand Miniatures, MILKY WAY® Brand Miniatures,
and STARBURST® Original Fruit Chews.

Give the tubes back to a parent. The parent will tape a cone on the top of each tube
and then tape 8 strands of curling ribbon to the bottom of the tube.
Mark each rocket with an astronaut's name and set it by the door for them to pick up on their way out.
Makes 10 rockets.

Hang a hula hoop and let kids toss a flying saucer (tin pie plate) through it.

Serve Tang in this area.

You can make as many or as few centers as you would like. Add your own ideas or your own additonal centers keeping with character's themes. You can set up a veterinary hospital, a ranger's station, a hospital, etc. and make decorations, activities, favors, and snacks to coordinate.

For an additional activities, set up an obstacle course for all to do. Set up orange cones for kids to run through, a refrigerator box tunnel to crawl through, old tires to hop

Use a sandbox or cardboard box filled with sand. Bury items such as toy vehicles and figures. Tell kids there has been an earthquake and they need to rescue people from the accident. Let them use plastic shovels and sand sifters to dig and find the items. Let them keep what they find.

You can also do a variation of this activity using packaging peanuts and call it an avalanche. Bury the type of items and let kids rescue the victims.


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