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Rubber Ducky Birthday Party Plan



Waddle on over to the duck pond ...
for a splashing good time!

Rubber Ducky
Birthday Party

Written Exclusively for The PartyWorks.com


Use a duck shaped stencil or use a duck shaped cookie cutter and cut out invitations. Add the party information (below is an example):

Rubber Duckie
you're the one,
to make
(add child's name) party
so much fun!

Waddle on over to the duck pond
(date of event)
(time of event).

We'll have a splashing good time.


Decorations for the table and party room:
Blue table covers (to represent water), solid color Yellow partyware (plates and cups) and solid color Orange ( utensils and napkins) are perfect to create a festive party look. Adding orange vinyl or paper placemats highlights each guest's area -- give the kids crayons to decorate their own placemat. Decorate with Yellow and Orange streamers and add clear or white balloons (for soap bubbles). Serve snacks in children's pails and use the shovels for serving the snacks. Small galvanized pails are a cute way to hold utensils and napkins. Add inflatable children's swim rings in the shape of ducks around the room and set out a bubble machine,if you have one.

Rubber Ducky design partygoods and cake decorations are available,
visit: http://thepartyworks.com/index.php/cPath/17_343

For the main table, use small galvanized tubs (hardware store), fill with Blue decorative gems (garden shop) and place a small rubber duck(s) on top. For additonal centerpieces, place a larger rubber duck on the table and using curling ribbon, tie a cluster of balloons around the neck. As an alternative, use small plastic bowls in Blue, Yellow and/or Orange and fill with Blue-tinted water and float a little rubber duckie on the water.

Party Entrance to the Party Room:
Make an Orange duck feet trail so guests can waddle to the party area. Add and post Duck Crossing signs.


Make and bake a sheet cake. Tint white frosting a light Blue and ice the cake. Create White "bubbles" on the cake using whipped cream or shape from Fondant.

Cake Decorations ideas for a round or sheet cake:

Add a few rubber duckies to the top of the cake (Dollar Store)
Stand up decorated duckie cookies (see photo at http://thepartyworks.com/product_info.php/cPath/17_343/products_id/1832
) Duckie candies ( http://thepartyworks.com/product_info.php/cPath/17_343/products_id/1829 )
Duckie candles ( htttp://thepartyworks.com/product_info.php/cPath/17_343/products_id/1832 )

Other Cake Ideas:

Three-dimension duckie cake ( http://thepartyworks.com/product_info.php/cPath/17_343/products_id/1827 )
uckie cupcakes with duckie sprinkles ( http://thepartyworks.com/product_info.php/cPath/17_343/products_id/1830 )

Food and Snacks:

Cheese and "quackers" (of course!)
Duck Feed (Chex cereal) served in plastic pails
Cold sandwiches cut into duck shapes (use a cookie cutter - http://thepartyworks.com/product_info.php/cPath/17_343/products_id/1832 )
Blue Hawiian Punch in a punch bowl with small rubber duckies floating on top
Duckie Ice Cream: Roll a scoop of ice cream in Blue candy sprinkles, add small rubber duck on top, freeze and serve. (These should be made prior to your party).

Goodie Bags and Prizes:
Use clear cellophane loot bags (can be decorated with Rubber Ducky stickers) and include party favors such as duck-shaped sponges, Yellow bath scrunchies, duck bath mitts, duck bubble necklaces, duck stickers, plastic ducky cookie cutter, mini duck shaped soaps, bottles of bubbles, duckie bean bags, a children's book about ducks, a duck puppet, a small bag of Goldfish Crackers, Gummi Worms or any bath time related item or Playdoh.
The Dollar Store is a great place for inexpensive items.Fun prizes are foam bath letters and/or numbers, tub crayons, duckie loofahs or bath time blocks. Another idea for the loot bags includes using a plastic pail, a plastic bath caddy or a basket for the party favors and adding any of the above items.


Games and Activities:

Standard Games:

Duck, Duck, Goose

Pass the Duck (Hot Potato game)

Duck-Shaped Pinata (any shape if you can't find a duck)

Pin the Tail on the Duck (Draw and cut-out a large duck shape and use pieces of Post-It notes with the child's name on it.)

Games with Rules Included below:

Duck Pond
Use a baby bath tub or container, fill with water (optional: tint blue) and float rubber duckies on top. Prior to the party, mark the bottom with a number or color using permanent marking pen. The kids take turns picking their own rubber duck to win a prize (corresponding color or number on the bottom of the rubber duck matches a prize.

Duck Prize Pond:
Fill a large galvanized tub water and float small styrofoam or ping pong balls. Add little toys and trinkets that float and let the kids take turns fishing out a prize.

Duck Cake Walk
Just like a Cake Walk... Place duck feet prints (construction paper) and arrange them in a circle on the floor. (This is not like Musical Chairs so there should be lots of duck feet so every child will be a winner.) Mark each foot with a number. Begin the game by asking the guests to choose a duck foot and stand on it. When the music starts, everyone walks to the next foot print, then to the next, next, next and until the music stops and the kids stay on the duck foot they were on. A number is drawn and the child standing on that duck foot number is a winner. (Mark pieces of papers with numbers to correspond to the duck feet numbers and place inside a bowl or hat prior to the party). The music begins again and the children walk from duck foot to duck foot until the music stops, a number is drawn and there is a winner. The prizes are 'take-home' cupcakes for the kids to enjoy after the party is over. Continue
playing the game until everyone has won a cupcake. Numbers can be called as needed to ensure every child wins and every child only gets one cupcake.


Duckie Vistors:
Provide plain Yellow foam visors, Orange fun foam sheets and googly eyes. Cut a piece of Oange foam the same size as the bill part of the visor and attach with glue. Glue a pair pair of googly eyes to the top band part of the visor. Optional: Adorn with a few Yellow"duck" feathers.

Bubble Center:
You don't have to buy or rent a bubble machine for this fun time activity that is sure to liven up your party. (Character Bubble Machines are available at Wal-Mart in the summer toy department for about $10.00). Provide a kiddie-sized pool or a large round contatiner and fill part way with bubble solution. Large bubble wands can be found at the Dollar Store. Let the kids make their own bubbles. Variable: Provide a couple of older children or adults to blow bubbles into the air and let the kids chase and capture them. This is an especially fun game for toddlers.

Duckie Craft Kits:
These are perfect party activities for older children and can be purchased at craft stores, chain stores such as Wal-Mart or Michael's or online. The kits contain foam totes, foam duckie and bubble shapes to decorate the tote bag along with the instructions.

Kids love music, adults love music... play theme-related songs, such as the Rubber Ducky Song, a
version of Splish Splash sung by Elmo, The Wiggles Bath Time Song, Barney's Six Little Ducks, Five Little Ducks, and other duckie and bath time songs.


A line of yellow Rubber Duckie party supplies, matching cake decorations and solid color partygoods for both birthdays and baby showers can be found at
The PartyWorks.com

Birthdays -- http://thepartyworks.com/index.php/cPath/17_343
Baby Showers -- http://thepartyworks.com/index.php/cPath/79_214


 "Esmie" (nickname for Esmeralda) is a thirty-two year old "twin" stay-at-home mom who lives in Texas with her husband and three children. Her children's birthday parties were so successful that she began writing party plans to help other parents make their children's parties the "talk of the town" with memories to last a lifetime and to do it frugally. Esmie enjoys bargain shopping, scrapbooking and arts and crafts. She spends a lot of time with her children and loves watching movies. Her dream is to own her own business selling crafts and hostessing children's parties. She is now writing party plans exclusively for The PartyWorks.com, who appreciate her enormous talents!







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