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Scrapbook Party


Scrapbooking Party
By shopgirlaudi
(Esmeralda Cavazos)
Copyright August 2, 2004
Written Exclusively for ThePartyWorks.com

The invitation possiblities are endless. You can make mini scrapbook pages for invites. Put a little pic of the birthday child on them. Well, you get the idea. You can do lots of things for the invites.

For decorations you could choose to go with some type of theme. Say "My Summer Vacation". You ask the kids to bring summer vacation pics. Provide the scrapbooking stuff; themed of course. Decorate to go with your theme. For example, a summer vacation theme could use bright colored streamers in orange and yellow. Inflate and put around some big beach balls, sand pails to hold scissors, pens, etc. Maybe even use a Poloroid or digital camera to take the guests pic with an inflatable decoration, with the birthday child or with a themed back drop. Now you can choose your theme and match your decorations to that. You could do "My Favortie Pet", "My School Year", "My Best Birthday", etc. and go from there. For another decoration idea: you can put out framed picturess of the birthday child and set up a few props around the picture to compliment it, such as a stuffed dog and some doggie toys to compliment a picture of the child with thier pet.

Now for food/snacks you could use all different shaped cookie cutters to make like little die cut sandwiches. You can use shaped snacks to also represent die cuts like teddy grahmas, goldfish, fruit snacks, etc. You can use those shaped ice cube trays to make shaped ice cubes to put into your drink of choice.

The cake of course has to be a photo image cake. Make the cake look like a scrapbook page with the pic on it.

Now , I don't think you need any games other than the scrapbooking activity for this theme. You can set out disposable cameras for the kids to take pictures at the party. You can later develop them and send to the kids or use for your own scrapbooking party pages.

You can set up different areas/tables of the kids to work on and set out the supplies for them to use. If space is limited you can have the supplies already sorted out for each child and set them out at the place settings.

I think that for the actual scrapbooking activity of the party, you should just provide the materials for them to work on thier couple of pages. Then the favors could include the book to put the pages in and the supplies for them to make a couple of more pages. A couple of sheets of printed paper, solid paper, some die cuts to match, a sheet of stickers, a glue stick, a pair of shaped scissors, disposable cameras, etc. As much or as little as you'd like to include. Put it all in a little canvas bag or a gift bag. You can even let the kids decorate the bags if you need an extra activity.


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