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Snow Caterpillar


Enjoy this outdoor activity!

You'll Need:
clean snow
food coloring
spray bottle
2 lemons
1 grapefruit
2 sticks
2 tennis balls

Start by making a large snow ball, this will be the head. Make 5 more snow balls that are smaller than the head, these will be his body. Roll one of the 5 balls to the back of the head and the next to that and so on, making the body. The 2 sticks and tennis balls are for the antennas just poke a hole in the tennis balls and put one on the end of each stick, attach them on top of your caterpillars head. Use lemons for the eyes; we painted eye balls on them and the grapefruit is for the nose. You can make a big smiley face using carrots, charcoal or whatever you can think of. Then put colored water (whatever color you like) in the spray bottle and finish off by giving you're caterpillar some polka dots!!!

Compliments of:
Verna Dionysius 


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