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Snow White


Snow White
by shopgirlaudi
(Esmeralda Cavazos)
Written Exclusively for The PartyWorks.com

Use Snow White character invites from thePartyWorks.com.

Or use clip art to decorate your own.

Or make invitations in the shape of a mirror. Cover in colored paper and use a circle of shiny paper for the mirror part.

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to (child's name)'s house we go.
Add time, address, etc.

Ask guests to come dressed as their favorite dwarf. The party girl can be Snow White.

Decorate with blue and yellow balloons, streamers, tablecovers and partyware or purchase Snow White character supplies from ThePartyWorks.com.

You can set up different themed areas such as a castle made out of boxes and decorated. Make a wishing well for out front by using a small wooden whiskey barrel.

You can set up a mining area for the Dwarf's Mine. Set out a couple of toy plastic wheel barrows and fill them with plastic decorator gems. Use big pieces of styrofoam cut into rock shapes. Paint and set out in the mining area.

Make a forest scence. Draw some big trees on posterboard or poster paper and put up on the walls. Set out some plush forest animals (rabbits, squirrels, racoons, etc) or use small whimsical animal garden statues. Use flower garlands, large paper or nylon butterlies.

Make a big magic mirror. Cut out of cardboard and cover with shiny irridesent paper. Paint and decorate the sides. Glue on some gems and hang on the wall.

Enlarge pics of the characters and set up around the party area. You might also purchase some posters and hang those.

Cake and Cupcakes:
Make a doll cake using the doll cake pan found here on ThePartyWorks.com.

Or make a sheet cake and use a cake topper or Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs toy figures.

Food and Snacks:
Apple snacks: Sliced apples with dip (chocolate, carmel, cream cheese).

Sandwiches cut into apple shapes using a cookie cutter.

Apple sauce.

Apple juice.

Apple dumplings

Goodie Bags and Prizes:
OTC has some plastic apple containers or red canvas bags with apples on them. You can use these as the party bag.

Or use red paper lunch bags or Snow White Themed bags.

Fill them with:
Snow White character party favors
Ring pops
play jewelery
magic mirrors
an apple:)
Princess fruit snacks
Snow White coloring book or story book
Snow White coloring pages (free online)

Games and Activities:
Digging for gems. Bury gems underneath a pile of packaging peanuts. Have the children search for the gems and keep what they find.

Save Snow White. Use a large black cauldron. Fill with small red balloons to represent apples. Beforehand, mark one with a skull and crossbones sign. Let each child take a turn to find the "poison apple" to keep Snow White from eating it.

Have a penny toss into you wishing well.

Pass the apple. Played like hot potato, pass around a real apple.

Be the first to name all seven dwarfs. Pass out sheets of paper and see who can name all the dwarfs correctly.

Or you can use your dwarf pics. Make labels with the dwarfs names on them. Have each child take a turn to match the tag with the correct dwarf. If the children are too
young to read, you may tell them the name on the tag and let them match it with the right dwarf.

Make candy apples.

Decoate keepsake boxes with gems, sequins, paint, etc.

Purchase small handled mirrors at the dollar store and let guests decorate their own magic mirror. Provide paints, shiny stickers, gems, sequins, etc.

Have a Color Your Own House or Castle. These can also serve as part of the decorations.


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