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Teddy Bear Party


Teddy Bear Party
by shopgirlaudi
(Esmeralda Cavazos)
Copyright August 2, 2004
Written Exclusively for ThePartyWorks.com

Come join us for an afternoon of fun. Bring your favorite fuzzy friend along.


Make invitations on cardstock or construction paper. Draw or trace a picture of a tea pot or a teddy bear ( you can use a cookie
cutter for this). Include the party information. Ask guests to bring their favorite teddy or use the idea listed below for your party.

A different take on the invitations, use tea bags and attach a note with the party info. Ask guests to bring a tea cup and saucer to the party and
a special friend. What you ask your guests to bring is entirely up to you. You can provide some or all of the key elements for the party depending
on how much you want to spend.

Set up in your dining room, on a table in your back yard, wherever you choose to hold your tea party. Use pastel colors:lavender,
pink and light blue. Use paper party ware or real china pieces. Party Works carries a nice tea pattern in partyware with lots of accessories and
miniature tea sets. Lay out a nice table cover, napkins,and tea set. Decorate the table with doilie placemats, a few flower arrangements, and some
place cards.

My idea for place cards, I bought some wood cut out shapes of teddies, painted them and wrote out the guests name on them. The guests get to take
this home as a favor.

If your budget allows, purchase play pearl necklaces to wrap around your napkin as part of the table setting. Add a nice pair of lace gloves along
side it all.

For placemats, I took some pink, vinyl ones I got on clearance and glued on a rectangular paper doilie to dress it up.

Don't forget to decorate with streamers and balloons in the party colors. Group the balloons in clusters for a bolder effect, preferably alternating the colors. Twist two colors of streamer together and attach to a wall or hang from a gazeebo.

For centerpieces, I found some small poly resin frames in the shapes of tea pots for $1. I am setting these out on the tables with pictures of my
daughter. I am attaching a cluster of balloons.

Make a tea pot shaped or teddy shaped cake. For a teddy cake, bake two circle cakes for the head and body. Use four cupcakes, two for feet
and two for hands/paws. Ice and decorate. M & M's for eyes, a black jelly bean for a nose, etc. Or make cupcakes. Frost them with pink icing and
add some pastel colored sprinkles. Make it really easy with our great cake pans!

Food and Snacks:
Set out a pedestal cake plate with mini cupcakes frosted with pink icing and pastel sprinkles. Serve peanut butter and jelly,
peanutbutter and honey, ham and cheese sandwiches cut into teddy shapes with a cookie cutter. Set out small lined baskets of mini muffins, and
cookies. Set out some jams and jellies. Have lemonade on hand for those guests who do not like tea.

Goodie Bags and Prizes:
I went as far as to purchase those 12" jointed teddies myself and include them as part of the favor. I found these very fancy hair scrunchies to use as a collar for the bears. Party Works carries these. I bought some of those lacy baby headbands for the bears to wear. They looked very fancy.

I went with small wicker baskets as my favor container. You can purchase these at your local dollar store or on sale at Michael's. In them I
included the "dressed up" teddy, a mini porcelain tea set ( dollar store ), a Teddy Graham shaped container, a small bag of Teddy Grahams, and a
small bag of gummi bears.

Additional or alternative ideas for this are: Use a small picnic basket, a spring decorated pail, a small child's purse. Fill with teddy/ tea time stationery, tea/teddy stickers, tea pot shaped note pads or a tea pot shaped bubble necklace, feathery pens, pencils with teddies on them, mini teddy shaped erasers, small teddy bean bags, a feather boa, plastic or beaded bracelets or necklaces, play dress up jewelry.

Games and Activities: Purchase those big floppy straw hats, some rolls of sheer colored ribbon, and some silk flowers. Let the guests decorate
their hats to wear to tea. If using a glue gun, let an adult help out with this.

Play pass the tea pot or pass the teddy ( like hot potato ).

Let the guests act out the actions to the rhyme "Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear".

Pin the heart on the teddy. Or a revised tea version.

Print out some coloring pages with teddies or tea cups on them and let your guests color. Provide small favor sized boxes of crayons for guests to take home along with their coloring pages.

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