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Thanksgiving - Roasted Turkey Cake



Question: What is in this photo?

Answer: A Roasted Turkey, of course and it looks yummy! I think it is Butterball Turkey Roll because there are no wings.

Question: You really think so? It was made by Victoria Cargill. Okay, what is in the next photo?


Answer: It IS a turkey and it looks like it has been roasted to perfection! I like the cute paper on the feet and it looks like bread stuffing, too. Victoria Cargill is a great cook!

Question: Are you sure? Are you really sure? Victoria Cargill has a web site listed at the bottom of this page.
You must visit her website.
Okay, what is in the next photo?


Answer: It is definitely a turkey with bread stuffing.

Question: You are close. It looks like a cooked turkey but it is really a cake! Can you believe it?
Victoria sent us directions and
they are written at the bottom of this page.


The creator of this turkey cake
is a very talented cake artist.

Victoria Cargill
Ladycakes' Place

Visit her site to see more creative cakes,
cupcakes, candy and more!


And here is how it is done!

Victoria wrote:
This cake was made with the a double oval pan.
The drum sticks were cut out of a sheet pan cake.
I then frosted it with butter cream frosting and air brushed it.
I attached the legs with lollie pop sticks to keep them in place.
I used large white cupcake liners, cut the centers out and wrapped one around each of the turkey legs.
The stuffing is made of cut up cubes of leftover cake from the sheet cake.
After I was finished with the cake and the mess was all cleaned up,
I realized I forgot to add front wings to the cake.
So if you make this cake, be sure to add wings!



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