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The Incredibles


The Incredibles
by shopgirlaudi
(Esmeralda Cavazos)
Written Exclusively for The PartyWorks.com

Purchase character ones from The Party Works.

Or make your own. Use red cardstock and decorate with clip art or character stickers.

Or print out the Incredibles insignia onto red cardstock cards.

We have been enlisted to perform on a top secret mission. We need your help. Please report to (child's name)'s house @ (address) on (date). We will begin orientation at (time). Please keep this information confidential.

You can go on The Incredibles site and print out name badges you can send along with the invitations. You can also include the t-shirt iron on and ask parents to prepare this for them in advance and have them wear their shirts to the party.

Use red, black and yellow for streamers, balloons, tablecovers and party supplies.

Or purchase The Incredibles party supplies

Make signs that read "TOP SECRET", "NO TRESPASSING", "NO UNAUTHORIZED VISITORS" and hang on the walls.

Use any character related items you may have to use for table decorations.

Enlarge pics of the characters and post on walls.

Cake or Cupcakes:
Decorate a sheet cake with character cake toppers or small action figures.

Or bake cupcakes. Frost with red icing and top with a character pic.

Food and Snacks:

Super "hero sandwiches".

Powerade Punch.

Doritos Extreme chips.

Games and Activities:
Each character posses a special power. Dad has super strength. Mom is Elastic Woman. Dash (the son) has super speed. Violet can make herself invisible and has the power to make forcefields. And Jack Jack has the power to morph into different things.

Activites and games can focus on these points. You can chose games that would test strength, speed, elasticity, etc.

Have a race. Dash is late for school again. Set up two lines for two children to race against each other. Set out a lunch sack and some items to be packed into the
sack. Next to that set out some books, pencils, school supplies to be packed into a backpack. Have the kids race to pack thier lunch, pack their school bag, put it on
and race to the finish line.

Find Mr. Incredible. Use a Mr. Incredible doll or action figure. Hide ahead of time. Leave clues to lead the pint sized super heroes to him and save him from Omnidroid.

Play a game of hide and seek. Violet has made herself invisible and is hiding some where in the party area. Designate someone to be Violet. Have the rest of the kids
look for her.

Rocket Silo. The Incredibles need to escape the island. Launch their rocket to get them safely back home. Let the kids shoot foam rockets through a hanging hula hoop.

Stop the bank robbers. Some evil theifs have just robbed a bank and scattered the money in several different places. Find all the money and return it to the police. For this hide play money ahead of time around the party area. Let the kids search for it and bring it all back to return to the bank.

Frozone's Fire Frenzy. Set up targets to represent flames. Let the kids put them out with water guns to save the people from the burning building.

Set up some props (with pics of the villians from the movie) for the kids to try to knock down by tossing a small flying disc or frisbee.

Incredi- throw. Have kids throw a bag of flour wrapped in a pillow case and see who can throw it the furthest. Decorate the pillow case with a "$" to represent a bag of money.

Incredi- jump. Let kids take turns jumping off a starting point. Measure everone's distance to see who can jump the farthest.

Incredi- punch. Give each child a punching ball. See who can keep the punching going the longest.

Have kids launch water balloons using an elastic sling shot. These come with the water balloons included in the summer toys section of your store (Walmart).

Or you can combine all of your games into one big obstacle course. First to finish wins. Or make everyone a winner and award them with superhero masks, a secret ID badge (from the site), a superhero's cape, etc.

Pin the mask on Mr. Incredible.

Play a game of Twister to test everyone's elasticity:)

Ask guests to bring a light colored t-shirt. You can print an iron on off the site and put these on the shirts for the kids to wear as part of their super hero costume.

Goodie Bags and Favors:
The Incredibles character party favors.

Super hero cape.

Foam rocket launchers.

Flying discs.

Super high bounce balls.

Punch balls.

Platic boomerangs.

Water guns.

Disc launchers.

Glow necklaces.

Green galaxy slime.

Sour punch straws.

Put these into The Incredibles party bags or use red paper lunch sacks.


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